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Get Certified

Why professional certifications are important Certified Professional stamp

  • 92% believe IT certifications help to ensure credibility of IT employees.

  • 92% said IT certified individuals receive higher starting salaries than those without IT certifications.

  • 91% of employers believe IT certifications play a key role in the hiring process and that IT certifications are a reliable predictor of a successful employee.

  • 67% of employers use certifications to measure a candidate’s willingness to work hard and meet a goal.

  • Certifications help prove you have the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done. 60% of employers use certifications to confirm subject matter expertise.

Additional reasons to become professionally certified

Palm Beach State College's Lake Worth campus Testing Center offers the CompTIA, Cisco, C++ Institute and EC Council certifications on site.  As a CompTIA Academic Partner Academy, we are able to offer discounts of 40-60% off the cost of specific industry-recognized professional certification exams as well as discounts on textbooks and materials for classes.

CompTIA discount prices

Credit for existing certifications

Procedure to receive CompTIA Certification Discounts*

  1. Contact XCEL-IT for a promotional code.

  2. View the 2017 CompTIA Discount Procedures to register and pay for the exam(s).

Study materials for most exams can be found in CBP102 or online. 
One example is Professor Messer's IT Training Videos.

2017 CompTIA Exam Pricing
CompTIA Exam Discounted XCEL-IT
Exam Costs
CompTIA Exam Costs
A+ $94/exam $205/exam
Network+ $145 $294
Security+ $203 $320
Linux+ $157 $200
Cloud+ $145 $294
Project+ $145 $294


College Credit for existing certifications

If you already have certifications and/or work in the IT field, Palm Beach State offers credit.  Complete the Course Equivalency Form found on the Prior Learning page and submit this to the appropriate department chair to determine if you qualify for credit.  Use the chart below as a guide.

Courses and Certification Equivalents

Apply what you learn to industry certifications. As a current student, the chart below highlights the equivalent industry certifications you are preparing for within the specific courses in your degree plan.

Course ID Course Title Industry Certification
CGS1100 Microcomputer Applications PBSC Challenge Exam option
CNT2000 Network Technologies CompTIA Network+*
CNT2700 TCP/IP and Network Administration Microsoft MCP/MCSA**
COP2334 Programming in C++ Certified Associate Programmer
CTS1110 Microcomputer Operating Systems Microsoft MCP/MCSA
CTS1150 Computer Maintenance and Repair CompTIA A+
CTS1650, CTS2651, CTS2652, CTS2653 Cisco 1-4 Cisco CCENT, CCNA
CTS2301 Introduction to Linux CompTIA Linux+
CTS2320 Wide Area Networks Microsoft MCP/MCSA**
CTS2334 Local Area Networks Microsoft MCP/MCSA**

Note: The majority of the courses listed above are specific to the AS in Networking Administration degree except for the Cisco electives and COP2334.  Per the notes below, you should submit the course equivalency form or speak with the Department Chair if you have any questions on entering the college with prior certifications.

* CNT2000 prepares students for the Network+ certification; however, students applying to PBSC with Network+ certification will receive elective credit towards their AS degree as CNT2000 is an AA course.

** Students taking CNT2700, CTS2320 and CTS2334 will be prepared to sit for the MCP/MCSA certifications; however, there is no reciprocity for students entering with Microsoft certifications.  Rather, we do offer applied technical skills courses that will be applied to your Business/Computer Science electives for certain Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA exams. 

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