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Volunteers & Observation


Volunteers are always welcome at the Center for Early Learning Palm Beach Gardens! Enrolled family members, students, and community members are encouraged to share their knowledge and skills with the children of the Center. In order to start this fulfilling position, the following criteria must be met and completed per the Palm Beach County Health Department and the Center for Early Learning Palm Beach Gardens:

  • complete a Palm Beach State College Volunteer Agreement form
  • complete a local background check and state/federal screenings when applicable
  • receive a basic health screening from a physician when applicable
  • complete a Center for Early Learning volunteer orientation
  • complete a Good Moral Character form
  • copy of driver's license and/or other picture identification

Student Observation

Palm Beach State college students, local middle and high school students, and Florida Atlantic University students are welcome to utilize the Center to meet the observation requirements for their coursework. Student Identification and a class schedule (if a college student) is required and every student must sign-in and out at the front desk for each observation time. The student must maintain the highest level of confidentiality when observing children in the facility. Each student must read and sign an additional form outlining the rules and regulations prior to the start of any observations. Students are not permitted to conduct unannounced observations. All observations must be prearranged with the administrative staff. Any student required to observe children more than ten hours per month will also be required to complete the additional forms outlined in the Volunteer section.

If you are interested in volunteering or observing please contact us at

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