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In the wake of the tragic Parkland school shooting, please be aware of these resources should you need to talk with someone.  

Students can call 561-868-3980 or visit the PBSC Counseling Center website.

Faculty and staff should call the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) hotline at 800-272-7252

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Should I Take a Distance Learning Class?

Distance Learning courses are offered online. It is our belief that these classes are not for everyone. We want you to succeed. Therefore please take the following quiz to help you to determine whether distance learning is for you.

Instructions: For each question in the quiz below select the answer that best describes you and click the radio button for your response.

  • I want to register for a distance learning class:
    1. now because I need it immediately for a degree, job or other important reason.
    2. although I could take it on campus later, or substitute another on campus course.
    3. because I thought this might be an easy way to take the course but it could be postponed.
  • To me having the instructor in the classroom while learning the subject is;
    1. not particularly necessary for me.
    2. somewhat important to me.
    3. very important for me to understand the material.
  • To me being with other students who are taking the class is:
    1. not particularly necessary for me.
    2. somewhat important to me.
    3. very important for me to understand the material.
  • When I am assigned tasks, I:
    1. often get things done on time or early.
    2. need continual prompting to get things done on time.
    3. frequently postpone work until the last minute or sometimes I am late.
  • Classroom discussions are:
    1. rarely helpful to me and most of the time I get the material on my own.
    2. sometimes helpful to me although I am able to learn some on my own.
    3. almost always helpful to me because frequently I do not understand until I hear someone discuss the material.
  • When an instructor hands out directions for an assignment:
    1. I can figure out the instructions on my own.
    2. I can usually follow the directions on my own, but I like to be able to ask for help if needed.
    3. I have difficulty figuring out instructions on my own and I like them explained orally first.
  • When I turn in an assignment, I expect the teacher to grade and to comment on my assignments:
    1. within a reasonable amount of time, so I can review what I did but I do not get frustrated if it takes longer.
    2. within a day or two, or I forget what I did.
    3. and return them immediately or I get very frustrated and confused.
  • When I turn in an assignment, I:
    1. am usually able to determine how well I have done.
    2. am not always sure of how well I have done.
    3. usually have no idea how well I have done.
  • When adding up the time I need for my job, for my family and other personal obligations, the amount of time to work on a distance learning course is:
    1. more than enough for a campus class or a distance learning class.
    2. the same amount of time as for taking a class on campus.
    3. less than for taking a class on campus and that is why I want to take it off campus.
  • When I am asked to use TVs, computers, e-mail or other technologies that may be new to me:
    1. I have little or no difficulty learning these new skills.
    2. I sometimes feel apprehensive, but try them anyway if I know that I can call for help when necessary.
    3. I frequently get very frustrated and I may put off the work or even try to avoid it.
  • As a reader, I would classify myself as
    1. a good reader and one who is able to understand the text without help.
    2. an average reader but one who needs some help to understand the text.
    3. an average to poor reader and one who needs more help than others to understand the text or other reading material.
  • If I have to go to the campus or other testing/learning sites to take exams or complete lab work:
    1. I have time to go to the site when required.
    2. there may be times when I will miss some labs or test dates especially if they are not open when I am available.
    3. I would have a great deal of difficulty getting to campus or other testing/learning sites to take tests, classes or labs.
  • The TVs and computer equipment required for the class:
    1. is at home, at work or somewhere else which is readily available to me.
    2. may be difficult at times to locate.
    3. is not readily available to me.
  • When it comes to the organization of the class material:
    1. I can learn even if the class is not highly structured.
    2. I like some structure in the course.
    3. I feel very uncomfortable and have difficulty learning when a class is not highly structured.

For our recommendation about you taking a distance learning class:

To start over and clear the form

We offer those of you who are potential online students, two tests to assist you in determining whether you are a person who will be successful taking an online class. This test dealt with who you are as a person. The other one: Do I have the technical skills and knowledge to learn online? deals with the technical skills and knowledge needed for the online student. If you are a potential online student and have not taken the other quiz, we recommend that you link there next. We recommend that after you have taken each test you print the results and take them to your Palm Beach State academic advisor.  Visit our academic advising web site for more information.

Still have questions? Send us an email:

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