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Field Observation

Courses that Require Field Observation

Students enrolled in EDF2005 Introduction to The Teaching Profession and EDF2085 Introduction to Diversity for Educators are required to complete 15 hours of Field Observation (FO) for each course.  Students enrolled in EPI0950 Teaching Methods Practicum are required to complete 30 hours of field observation (practicum experience).

The purpose of Field Observation is to provide meaningful learning experiences for pre-service educators in accordance with state mandated guidelines for teacher preparation. Through Field Observation, students should have an opportunity to:

  • Observe best practices and techniques for effective classroom management
  • Connect theory with practice
  • Obtain assistance in career decisions
  • Develop personal skills and values

Students can complete field observation through a variety of ways. Public school, charter school, and private school settings are available, as well as placement opportunities in the surrounding counties. Students may select the venue that works the best for them.

If you have questions about the field observation assignment requirements, please consult with your professor. Questions about the observation placement processes should be directed to Cyndi Demitruk.  Questions about the Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) may contact Dr. Karline S. Prophete.  The process requires all students enrolled in field observation and practicum courses to complete an Online Placement Request.

Fall (20181) Term Updates

  • COMPLETE THE ONLINE PLACEMENT ***FORM to start the field observation placement process for all classes.  The form has two parts:  1) Students log onto a secure site ( and complete the online placement request for Palm Beach County (PBC) and Martin County (MC) Public School Placement or if they intend to select a charter, private or other county placement opportunity. 2) Students can either attach their Level 2 Security Student Teacher Badge (PBC public schools), MC Security Letter (MC public schools), or a completed and signed permission memo (charter, private or all other county public schools) to the placement form prior to completing it OR log back into the online form at a later time to attach the badge, letter or memo.
  • The SDPBC Pre-Service Office requires students wanting placement in a PBC Public School must specify the grade level and subject area of interest on the ***Online Field Observation Form.
  • Access to the previous submitted online placement form is accomplished by going to Log in and click on "My Messages".  Find the message related to your online request and click on the link at the bottom of the message.  This will take you to the online form you have submitted and allow you to update it as needed, attach a file and resubmit the request. Please visit Instructions for Online Form.
  • For students who do not work for the School District requesting public school placement, the full fingerprinting and background check must be done at a cost of $99 through the SDPBC Fingerprinting Office. The SDPBC Fingerprinting & Badge Office takes online credit card payments for obtaining a Level 2 Student Teacher badge.  Students seeking placement in a Martin County public school, please visit Martin County FO Placement & Security Requirements for more information.
  • Students who already work for the School District still need to go through the online placement form submission process and submit a current and valid Level 2 Student Teacher Security Badge (Example of Correct Badge) These students can submit their existing Level 2 Security Badge (NOT the School ID) which must have Student Teacher and the placement process can be initiated. Please keep in mind that the school you are placed with will require a Level 2 Student Teacher Badge. This can be obtained for a cost of $6 at the SDPBC Fingerprinting office (if you have a current badge).  It is suggested to go to their office as the badge can be issued while you wait.


Private, Charter or Other County School Placements are secured by the student and approved by the course professor before an observation schedule is arranged.  The required permission memo needs to completed and signed by the school administrator and added to the online placement form.

PBSC CENTER FOR EARLY LEARNING AT PALM BEACH GARDENS CAMPUS is available for placement during the fall term on a space available basis. These placements are secured as if a private or charter school.

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