The Student Account Services is a unit of the Finance Department that provides quality account management services to students, College faculty and staff as well as external agencies and corporations by proactively assisting them with payment and collection of financial responsibilities. The Student Account Services department is comprised of four functional areas:

  • Cashier's Office - responsible for collecting and recording student payments and departmental deposits in compliance with College policies and procedures.

  • Accounts Receivable/Third Party Billing - coordinate tuition and fee charges with third party agencies on behalf of students whose fees are sponsored by a corporation, non-profit agency, military agency, or governmental agency.

  • Tuition Payment Plan - assist students with enrollment, payment, and management of any payment plan that may be offered by the College.

  • Collections Area - responsible for collecting past due student account receivables.


Cashier's Calendar

Contact Us

Name Title Phone MS#
Vacant Assistant Controller, Revenue & Operations (561) 868-3090 11.5
Erin Jordan Manager, Student Account Services (561) 868-3575 11.5
Debbie Meckelburg Accounts Receivable Specialist (561) 868-3871 11
Debra Brown Accounting Associate III (561) 868-3075 11
Kelley Karbal Accounting Associate III (561) 868-3085 11
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