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In the wake of the tragic Parkland school shooting, please be aware of these resources should you need to talk with someone.  

Students can call 561-868-3980 or visit the PBSC Counseling Center website.

Faculty and staff should call the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) hotline at 800-272-7252

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Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is about taking a meticulous, honest, and thorough look at both:

  1. Who you are as an organization – your resources, capabilities, competitive advantage, areas of opportunity, shortcomings, etc.
  2. And at the environment in which you compete – your customers, suppliers, competitors, market trends, government regulations, foreseeable opportunities and threats, etc.

Once you know who you are and where you stand, then you start to shape the future you want to create for your organization – a realistic future; however, this is not about a limiting future with a plan that simply projects the past – rather, this is about a visionary future.

And once you have created a vision for your organization – once you know where you want to see yourself in say three to five years from now – then you start to create a plan for getting there, deciding where to focus your organization’s resources: Workforce, time, money, etc.



1. Situation Analysis
2. Onsite Input
3. SWOT Analysis
4. Strategic Issues and Priorities
5. Final Five Year Plan
6. Progress Indicators




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