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Learning Outcomes Assessment

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness coordinates and facilitates Palm Beach State College's engagement in a process of ongoing, integrated and institution-wide planning and evaluation that incorporates a systematic review of all program learning and administrative outcomes, general education learning outcomes and other indirect and institutional measures that contribute to our overall understanding of student learning.  This process is conducted on an annual cycle and aligns with the SACS-COC requirement (8.2) to identify expected outcomes, assess the extent to which students achieve these outcomes, and to provide evidence that the findings from these assessments are utilized to make improvements designed to enhance student learning.

Assessment and FERPA

Campus Labs Planning Login  (formerly Compliance Assist)


Curriculum Mapping

Course Learning Outcomes Curriculum Map and Assessment Plan Template

Program Learning Outcomes Curriculum Map and Assessment Plan Template

General Education and AA Degree

Philosophy and Learning Outcomes

Faculty Leaders and Committee Members

Course Assessment Update Form

Meeting Minutes

Course-Embedded Assessments and Faculty Reporting Login


BAS, BSN, AS Degree, and PSAV Programs

Learning Outcomes

Program Review Timeline

Program Health Indicator Report: 2012-2013 to 2016-2017

FETPIP Report: 2015-2016 Completers followed in 2016-2017

Perkins Report: 2017-2018 Cycle

Perkins Accountability Definitions

Occupational Projections: 2017 to 2022


Educational Support Services


Student Services Learning Outcomes Workbook

Annual Review Form


Community and Public Service


Annual Review Form


Administrative Units

Campus and District Planning Units Guidelines 2012-2017

Campus and District Objectives Form



Gordon Rule Statement - Faculty

Gordon Rule Statement - Students

Course Outlines and Learning Outcomes

Program Review Process (Section K, Academic Mgmt. Manual)

Learning Outcomes, Mapping, & Assessment (Section L, Academic Mgmt. Manual)

State and Local Program Titles Crosswalk

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