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Media Technology & Instructional Services - LW

Media Technology & Instructional Services has merged with Information Technology.

Our forms have moved to the Information Technology Service Portal at as part of the one-stop-shop for all IT Service Requests. There you can report an issue or request services such as media acquisitions, equipment checkout, event support, live streaming, video productions, INFOchannel and graphic requests, software and hardware purchase installation and other IT services.

To Get Started - view a  3-minute Getting Started Tutorial that highlights many of the features of our transformative service.



Description of Services

The Client Support Services division of Information Technology will continue to provide an array of academic and non-academic media technology support for the Lake Worth campus including complex video productions, high-end technical support presentations, classroom technology maintenance and end-user support, digital signage and Video-On-Demand Services for instructional viewing.

Use the links below to view our services and reservation links for submitting requests through the Service Desk.

Schedule and view a video from the collection of over 6,000 titles. The recorded programs can be seen over one of our available channels in any room on campus that is equipped with a television or video/data projector with a CCTV connection.

Videos can be scheduled to automatically start at a pre-designated time you request or you can block schedule your entire class time using Video-on-Demand.  Video-on-Demand allows presenters the ability to stop, start or rewind videos from their classroom desktop PC at any time within the class period. Submit a Service Desk ticket to schedule a training session.

A list of streaming videos can be found in the MTIS media collection and be viewed on any networked computer.

Faculty and staff can request videos to be played on campus by filling out a CCTV request form or scheduling the video through Video-on-Demand.

Please see below for the links:

• Media Collection

CCTV Request Form


**Please note Video-on-Demand requires a separate login and training. Submit a Service Desk ticket for training and access.


Faculty, staff and administrators on a first-come, first-served basis, can reserve equipment for classroom and instructional support.

• Laptop
• Video/Data projector
• PA system
• DVD Player
• MP3 Recorder
• CD Player

• SRS Remotes
• Digital Camera
• Video Camera
• Document Camera
• Webcam


Please note we require one full working day advance notice for equipment requests. Specialized equipment or materials not listed on the form can be noted in the special instructions box. We recommend an orientation session to familiarize yourself with the operation of the equipment if you are not an experienced user.



Equipment Orientation

Schedule a hands-on orientation or review session on media equipment capabilities and operation. The session will be held in our Training and Conference Center unless specialized equipment requires a specific room. 


We can provide or create posters, simple signage, photos, laminations or other print-related materials.

Because of variable production times, all special events or large quantity projects should be discussed with the manager. Due to the cost of expendable materials, our services are offered exclusively to faculty.


The INFOchannel ( Channel 9 ) is part of the Campus Television Network and is used to announce club meetings, campus events, department or college-wide information.

The INFOchannel can be viewed in various common areas and classrooms throughout the campus.


The media collection at Lake Worth Campus currently contains over 6,000 programs on a wide variety of subjects. The collection is developed primarily according to faculty input and requests. Programs can be viewed in classrooms over the Campus TV Network as a prescheduled playback or scheduled in the Video-on-Demand system. Programs in the collection can be placed on reserve in the Media Lab for viewing by small student groups and individual students. (Each year new acquisition funding is available mid July.)

Media Acquisition Request 

Media Collection


We can create electronic graphics and presentation materials such as:

• PowerPoint slides

• Convert file formats*

• Kaltura Cloud video upload for online access

• Videos, narration/mp3 streams

• Simple animations or web visuals.

*File format conversion on copyrighted material cannot be done without expressed written permission from the copyright owner.

Multimedia Creation Assistance Request


We provide support for special events on and off-campus; such as celebrations, job fairs, graduations, award ceremonies and college workshops.

A minimum of 10 working days advance notice prior to the scheduled event.

Special Event Request


Information Technology team members can be requested to assist faculty or presenters with unique presentations at a specific time and location.

A minimum of 5 working days advance notice prior to the scheduled event. Assistance is dependent on staff availability.

Technical Support Request

Individual Equipment Guide

Multimedia Classroom Guide


Video-on-Demand is a video delivery system that allows for remote control of the pre-requested video programs.

Through the instructor PC in the classroom you will be able to start, stop, fast forward, and rewind a video during your class sessions.

You will also be able go online and view a list of your scheduled CCTV programs and their assigned channels.


*To be able to use this program, please schedule a 1-on-1 review session via the Service Desk.

Video-on-Demand Login Page


We can create complete original productions, supplemental videos to enhance visual presentations, encoded video streams or video recordings of significant campus events and functions. Due to copyright issues, some restrictions may apply. A 30-day lead time is required for original programming.

Video Production



Important Resources

Copyright Information

Model Release Form

Model Release Form for Children


Need Help Text

Contact the Service Desk.




Office Location

We are located on the first floor of the Library Learning Resource Center.

The department observes all Palm Beach State College holidays, and frequently changes days and hours of operation in correlation with the College calendar and campus requirements.


Office Hours

Fall & Spring
Monday - Thursday   7:30am - 8:00pm
Friday      7:30am - 7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday  - CLOSED 

Monday - Thursday    7:30am - 8:00pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday - CLOSED


Lake Worth campus map (PDF file)

Driving directions to campus location


Contact Information

Office CSS - Event & Creative Services
Ricardo Reyes Manager
Karina Silva Santisteban Coordinator 561-868-3634
Lydia Runkle Administrative Assistant 561-868-3191
Joshua Michaelson Media Specialist 561-868-3835
Jakub Szumelda Media Specialist  561-868-4188
Rick Kleinbauer Media Specialist  561-868-3627
Barry Covington Media Specialist  561-868-4231
Angela Simplicio Media Assistant  561-868-3806
Vacant Animator  561-868-3182
Yoanna Hernandez-Infante Work Study  
Jason Wood Work Study  
Samir Issa Work Study  
Anais Morales Work Study  
Office Fax    561-868-3185
LLRC 1st Floor Media Lab    561-868-3156


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