student imageThe Outreach/TRiO department handles the TRiO grants (Talent Search, Upward Bound, Student Support Services and Educational Opportunity Center) and provides community outreach county wide, with special focus on the Hispanic Serving Institution initiative, Veterans and non-traditional students.

Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC)

A FREE program funded by TRiO that helps primarily low-income adults 19 and over who would be first generation college students gain admission to college and find financial assistance for their education. Services include assistance with completing college admission and financial aid applications; guidance on secondary school re-entry or entry to a GED program; academic advice; and career counseling.

Student Support Services (SSS) 

A FREE program funded by TRiO that helps low-income and first-generation college students and individuals with disabilities graduate from college. Services include assistance with securing financial aid; personal, academic and career counseling; academic instruction; assistance with transition to four-year programs from two-year institutions; assistance with applying to graduate and professional programs; and activities specially designed for students with limited English proficiency.

Talent Search (TS)

A FREE program funded by TRiO that identifies, prepares and assists individuals ages 11-27 with applying for financial aid and college admission. Services include tutoring and mentoring; personal, career and academic counseling; exposure to college campuses; and assistance with college entrance exam preparation and financial aid and college admissions applications.

Upward Bound (UB)

A FREE program funded by TRiO that prepares high school students and veterans for success in postsecondary education. Types of projects include Regular, Veterans and Math and Science Centers. Regular project services include a summer instructional component; instruction in subjects including mathematics through pre-calculus, laboratory science, and foreign language; mentoring programs; counseling; and exposure to cultural events.

Veterans Services

Welcomes new and returning veterans who choose Palm Beach State College for their education and training needs. They are committed to reaching out to all veterans and supporting their success by working with and helping veterans use the GI Bill education benefits. The GI Bill has several programs and each is administrated differently - depending on a person's eligibility and duty status.

How TRIO Programs Started
In 1965, Congress began creating a series of programs to help Americans overcome class and social barriers to higher education. These services geared towards low-income and first generation students (defined as neither parent or guardian, with whom the student is living, has graduated from college with a baccalaureate degree) were called Special Programs for Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds. Today they are known as the Federal TRIO Programs. Congress initially authorized most of the programs in the Higher Education Act of 1965 and subsequent amendments. After their authorization, Congress appropriated money for the programs.

Monica Powers, Director of TRiO and Outreach
Office: SCA 128

Palm Beach State College - Lake Worth campus
Phone: 561-868-3609

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