Jose Dioscoro A. Guardiario photo

Jose Dioscoro A. Guardiario

Adjunct Instructor

Campus: Lake Worth
Mailing Address: 4200 Congress Avenue, MS#, Lake Worth, FL 33461
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering   Florida Atlantic University
  • Master of Science in Geology   Florida International University
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering   Cebu Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Geology   Mapua Institute of Technology
  • Professional Engineer, Florida #0059342.
  • Professional Geologist, Florida #001955




South FloridaWater Management District                                                                                West Palm Beach, Florida

Principal Engineer- Engineering and Construction Department,                                                 October1, 2011 to present

Operations, Maintenance and Construction Division

Chief Engineer – EvergladesRestoration Engineering Department                                              November10, 2008 to 2011

Lead Engineer - Engineeringand Construction Department, Engineering Division                    February 15, 2007 to 2008

Senior Engineer –Engineering and Construction Department, Construction Division               March 17, 2005 to 2007

Staff Engineer –Engineering and Construction Department, Construction Division                  September 15, 2003 to 2005


As Chief Engineer, serves asthe highest level technical expert for a resource area and is responsible formaking engineering decisions and recommendations that directly impacts thesuccess of one or more of the District’s strategic programs.  Provide engineering decisions that directlyimpact the District's industry reputation, regulatory status and financialinterests.  Explain and defend theDistrict’s goals and needs to all forms of Federal, state and county governmentvenues.  Respond to elected officials,government agencies, the public, and media groups as related to assignedprojects. Participate, present and conduct technical seminars, conferences andtaskforces. Participate or lead national or international technical peer reviewpanels.  Demonstrate the highest level ofknowledge, creativity and foresight to successfully plan, implement andevaluate engineering projects and processes. Apply engineering expertise in any one of the following roles for theDistrict.  1. Senior Expert that developsand evaluates plans and criteria for a variety of engineering projects andinitiatives. Assess the feasibility and soundness of proposed engineeringevaluation tests, products and equipment. Identifieserrors/malfunctions/omissions and implements corrective actions.  2. Senior Consultant that performs complexresearch and/or completes innovative engineering assignments that require thedevelopment of new and/or improved techniques and procedures.  3. Senior Leader for a small staff or sectionof engineering specialists/practitioners responsible for a high risk/highprofile project or several similar projects/processes.  In all of these roles, Chief Engineer makesdecisions on the resource area's engineering guidelines and standards, as wellas providing significant input and recommendations for the area's strategy andgoals, department-level work plans, staffing models, and expense budget.  Support District emergency managementoperations, typically, as a public assistance coordinator who prioritizes,consolidates and coordinates damage assessment teams. May perform otherrelevant emergency management operations. Technical advice and direction given crosses District boundaries andsupervision received is essentially administrative in nature. Chief Engineerkeeps abreast of trends/developments across engineering disciplines, regulatorychanges and new technologies.


As Lead Design Engineer, responsiblecharge on all aspects of project development and project design involvingmultiple engineering disciplines and significant coordination with internaldepartments or outside agencies. Assignments, which may be unique in nature thatrequires substantial research or versatility for design development, includedmodification of existing facilities or new work considered major or complex innature, having significant public safety aspects or visibility, or can resultin substantial District liability.  Responsible for completion of all workproducts in a professional manner using sound engineering analysis, which oftenrequires innovative or unique engineering and construction remedies. Provideddetailed work plans including budgets and schedules for implementation ofdesign projects, and responsible for the management of the division resources.


As Senior Engineer, provided guidance toprofessional and technical staff in implementing a variety of constructioncontracts; managed capital construction projects from contract bid analysis tocompletion including warranty periods. Oversaw facilitation and coordinationefforts of design engineer, contractor, and District construction andoperations staff during the construction phase. Reviewed preliminary plans andspecifications to provide feedback from a construction manager's perspective,to comment on methods, materials, costs, details, constructability, siteaccess, etc. Oversaw construction representatives, provided guidance oneffective means and methods of monitoring contractors' work while insuringsatisfactory completion of contract work in accordance with contract plans andspecifications.  Managed and designed therepairs of canal banks and levees damaged during the 2004 and 2005 hurricanes.


As Staff Engineer, provided professionalengineering and construction management for SFMWD multi-million dollarconstruction contracts and projects, such as the G311 and G341 SpillwayStructures, and S5A Trash Rakes, and coordinated SFWMD efforts on federal costshared projects with the FEMA, USDA-NRCS, which included repair of hurricanedamaged water control structures, levees and canals. Duties included managingcapital and Everglades construction projects from contract bid analysis tocontract completion including through the warranty period; overseeingfacilitation and coordination efforts of design engineer, contractor, Districtconstruction and operations staff during the construction phase; reviewingpreliminary plans and specifications to provide feedback from a constructionmanager perspective, to comment on methods, materials, details, access, andother construction aspects; coordinating project activities with effectedparties, agencies, or other District interests; and providing detailed monthlystatus reports.


Palm Beach Community College                                                                                                   West Palm Beach, Florida

Adjunct Instructor–Engineering Technology Department                                                               2004to present

and EnvironmentalScience Technology Department


Aspart-time faculty, responsible in teaching Plans Interpretation, AdvanceConstruction Estimating, Construction Materials and Methods, ConstructionFinance, Surveying and Environmental Geology courses.


Greenhorne &O'Mara, Inc.                                                                                                           West Palm Beach, Florida

Office Engineer toAsst. Sr. Project Engineer


State Road 9(I-95) HOV Lanes, Delray Beach,Florida                                                                  2000 to 2003

State Road 5(US-1) Widening, St. Lucie County, Florida                                                               1997 to 2000

Florida’s Turnpike - Ticket System Toll PlazaRenovations Project                                               1996 to 1997


As Assistant Senior Project Engineer, directedhighly complex and specialized construction engineering administration andinspection program; planned and organized the work of subordinate and staffmembers; developed and/or reviewed policies, methods, practices, andprocedures; and reviews programs for conformance with Florida Department ofTransportation standards.


As Office Engineer, monitored and updatedweekly and monthly construction progress. Provided engineering analyses of various construction problems.  Compiled and processed data required formonthly and final estimates.  Reviewedand updated the CPM schedule. Utilized Primavera Project Planner and Expeditionsoftware, as well as the MULTILINE and other Florida Department ofTransportation programs in various aspects of construction engineering andmanagement. Reviewed and analyzes groundwater dewatering plans required for theconstruction of foundations, and the effects of dewatering to adjacent landfillsites.  Hydrogeologic investigation todetermine the possibility of lowering dry retention ponds to generatesufficient borrow material for the construction project.


Dunkelberger Engineering & Testing, Inc.                                                                 West Palm Beach, Florida

Project Geologist                                                                                                              1998 - 1999


Engineeringclassification of soils, Phase 1 and 2 environmental site assessments,installation of monitoring wells, slug testing for hydraulic conductivitydetermination, well-site geology, aquifer performance testing, groundwatermodeling, writing of technical reports and project proposals. Utilized MODRET,PM-5 (Processing MODFLOW), GMS SEEP 2D and AQUIFER software for variousgroundwater modeling and aquifer performance test analyses.


Gee & Jenson Engineers - Architects - PlannersInc.                                                                West Palm Beach, Florida

Hydrogeologist - Hydrogeologic Investigation Plan atthe Frog Pond                                        1996

South Florida Water Management District Project


Contracthydrogeologist for the extended monitoring of the piezometer wells at the FrogPond.  Maintained data collection systemconsisting of dataloggers, pressure transducers and rain gages.  Compiled and processed data needed forgroundwater modeling.


David P Genereux, Ph.D.                                                                                                                  Miami, Florida

Hydrogeologist - Hydrogeologic Investigation Plan atthe Frog Pond                                            1995 - 1996

South Florida Water Management District Project


Field geologistfor the Hydrogeologic Investigation Plan at the Frog Pond which is needed todetermine aquifer properties essential for the modeling, design and evaluationof the Emergency Interim Plan for Florida Bay.  Provided oversight on drilling of coreborings and piezometer wells.  Collected,compiled, and interpreted field data.  


Florida International University                                                                                                   Miami, Florida

Teaching and Research Assistant - Department ofGeology                                                                              1993 - 1995


Worked on thedetermination of hydraulic conductivity and dispersivity values in a Biscayneaquifer section at the Everglades National Park.  Drilled monitoring and test wells, andsubsequently conducted tracer, slug and flowmeter tests.  Taken initiative to broaden knowledge inhydrogeology, water quality management, and familiarization of Qual-2E and Modflowmodeling programs.


Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation                                                    Toledo City, Philippines

Chief Exploration Geologist - Exploration, Researchand Development                                      1989 - 1992         

Senior Mine Geologist                                                                                                                    1984 - 1989

Geologist                                                                                                                                         1981 - 1984


Responsible forproviding geological and geotechnical services and advises in the discovery ofeconomic mineral deposits, and in the optimum extraction and recovery of mineralreserves.  Investigated and evaluatedmineral properties owned by the company or offered by private individuals forits economic potential, and recommended for its development or abandonment.  Prepared short hole confirmatory diamonddrilling programs to enhance ore grade forecasting.  Coordinated with mining operations personnelconcerning ore grade control, slope stability, mine open pit drainage,underground caveability and subsidence and with the concentrator personnelconcerning ore treatment problems.

  • BCN 1003 Construction Calculations
  • BCN 1210 Construction Materials and Methods 1
  • BCN 2220 Construction Materials and Methods
  • BCT 1750 Construction Finance
  • BCT 1770 Construction Estimating
  • GLY 2030C Environmental Geology
  • SUR1101C Basic Surveying and Mapping
  • BCN2793 Project Management for Sustainable Construction
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  • Genereux, D.P., J.D.A. Guardiario, and E. Zechner. 1997. A canal drawdown experiment and borehole flowmeter measurements for determination of hydrogeological parameters in the Biscayne Aquifer. EOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 78(17): S145.
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