In the wake of the tragic Parkland school shooting, please be aware of these resources should you need to talk with someone.  

Students can call 561-868-3980 or visit the PBSC Counseling Center website.

Faculty and staff should call the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) hotline at 800-272-7252

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Roger K. Nielsen photo

Roger K. Nielsen

Adjunct Instructor, Psychology

Campus: Lake Worth
Mailing Address: 4200 Congress Avenue, , Lake Worth, FL 33461

Class Schedule & Syllabi

Spring 2018
Course IDCourse InformationLinksSyllabus
Location: (Palm Beach Gardens) AA 00225 Days: W
Summer 2018
Course IDCourse InformationLinksSyllabus
CHILD GROWTH & DEVEL (Ref: 241701)
Location: (Palm Beach Gardens) BB 00316 Days: MW
Fall 2018
Course IDCourse InformationLinksSyllabus
HUMAN GROWTH & DEVEL (Ref: 245120)
Location: (Palm Beach Gardens) AA 00125 Days: R
Location: (Palm Beach Gardens) AA 00214 Days: M
Heather Naylor
Professor I

Phone: (561) 207-5081
Campus: Palm Beach Gardens
Office: AA 0220
Mailing Address: 3160 PGA Boulevard, MS 45, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
  • Master of Arts in Psychology   State University of West Georgia

I was at the Eissey Campus when it opened in 1982.I mostly teach Psychology and Human Growth and Development. I have also taught Sociology for a number of years. 


I have a Master's degree in Psychology from West Georgia College, now called the University of West Georgia. The orientation of the program was Humanistic. The lead professor on my thesis committee, Dr. Mike Arons, was a student of Abraham Maslow, one of the founders of Humanistic Psychology. Professor Maslow recommended Dr. Arons to lead the Humanistic Psychology program at West Georgia College. . y. .



  • General Psychology
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Child Growth and Development