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Program Learning Outcomes
Interior Design Technology (AS)

Program Learning Outcome #1
Approach design projects confidently by applying a rigorous design process.

Program Learning Outcome #2
Research, analyze and synthesize complex information in the development of innovative concepts for clients and audiences.

Program Learning Outcome #3
Plan interior spaces using program information that effectively and efficiently addresses client needs, furniture and equipment requirements, budgets, and environmental issues.

Program Learning Outcome #4
Apply manual and computer-generated drawing skills in the creation and production of work.

Program Learning Outcome #5
Design, using knowledge of how interiors affect the health, safety, and welfare of the client, as well as whether interior elements comply with federal, national and state codes, including those that pertain to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Program Learning Outcome #6
Prepare contract documents to legally facilitate all the components required to undertake a design project.

Program Learning Outcome #7
Apply effective interpersonal communications with clients, co-workers, managers, subcontractors and suppliers within the building and design fields to obtain client information, assess existing conditions and aesthetic needs, and relate this information to the design process.