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Program Learning Outcomes
Medical Transcription (ATD)

Program Learning Outcome #1
Apply correct English usage, including the rules of proper grammar, punctuation, and style, and use of correct spelling and logical sentence structure

Program Learning Outcome #2
Apply correct medical documentation style as defined by authorities such as the AHDI Book of Style and/or the AMA Manual of Style, especially rules that specifically apply to medical transcription

Program Learning Outcome #3
Identify, locate, and apply correct spelling, use, pronunciation, and dosage of prescription and OTC medicines, alternative and complementary medicines, remedies, and treatment modalities

Program Learning Outcome #4
Demonstrate knowledge of anatomy, physiology, general medicine, general surgery, medical specialties, surgical specialties, diagnostic and interventional procedures, pathology, laboratory medicine and imaging techniques.

Program Learning Outcome #5
Apply computer and Internet research technology related to the Medical Transcription profession

Program Learning Outcome #6
Identify and Apply medicolegal concepts to include HIPAA and medical transcriptionist's role in risk management, specifically in regard to patient medical record privacy and security

Program Learning Outcome #7
Utilize computer hardware and software to transcribe voice files/dictation as well as edit speech recognition-generated data files for a variety of healthcare settings using current technology and industry standards

Program Learning Outcome #8
Recognize and stay connected to professional groups and national, state, and local organizations in order to maintain and enhance professional skills and career goals