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In the wake of the tragic Parkland school shooting, please be aware of these resources should you need to talk with someone.  

Students can call 561-868-3980 or visit the PBSC Counseling Center website.

Faculty and staff should call the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) hotline at 800-272-7252

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Engineering Technology

Advanced Technology, Electronics, Alternative Energy

If you enjoy design and fabrication, implementing new technologies, and exploring fundamentals of how things work, an engineering technology career may be perfect for you. It is a career that combines your imagination and skills with the latest technologies. The Engineering Technology program at Palm Beach State College is a two-year Associate in Science degree that prepares students for immediate employment in global technology industries such as Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Energy. Potential employers are seeking highly skilled technicians with knowledge of “state of the art” technology as well as industrial mechanical and manufacturing processes. Palm Beach State College prepares students for success in this modern industrial workplace.




High Tech Tools Build High Tech Careers!<

The demand for skilled technicians in technology and engineering fields has reached a critical level nationwide and in South Florida. Graduates in both Electrical and Engineering Technology programs are rapidly finding employment in the local engineering technology, power, aerospace and manufacturing industries. Our business partners are seeking talented graduates with a desire to work with both their hands and intuition.

What is the Difference Between an Engineer & Engineering Technologist?

Engineers have fundamentally built the world in which we live and conduct business. As an engineer significant contributions involve planning, research, theoretical and concept-oriented vision and logic. This integral process can involve advanced mathematics and physics.

Engineering technology implements “state of the art” technologies into applications with a practical and “hand on” approach. Modernization of the industrialized workplace has led to the requirement of specialized training for Engineering Technologists to operate and handle high tech equipment and tools. Built upon the vision and logic of engineering, the Engineering Technologists is an integral asset to get the job done.

“Engineering technology is the profession in which a knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences gained by higher education, experience, and practice is devoted primarily to the implementation and extension of existing technology for the benefit of humanity. Engineering technology education focuses primarily on the applied aspects of science and engineering aimed at preparing graduates for practice in that portion of the technological spectrum closest to product improvement, manufacturing, construction, and engineering operational functions.” – Accreditation Board of Engineering Technology (ABET)

Program Info

Contact Info

BioScience Technology Complex
3160 PGA Blvd. Suite SC134  | Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-2893
Call 561-207-5414 or email:


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