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Aeronautical Science

Effective November 10, 2015:
The AS Degree in Aeronautical Science with concentration in Airplane (Program Objective 2197A and CCC 6164A), plus the concentration in Operations/Maintenance (Program Objective 2172) are SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY and will be subject to a two year teach out plan for students currently enrolled in these programs.

This is independent of the previously announced suspension of the Helicopter program.

New Students (Spring 2016 enrollment) who planned to declare Airplane Program Objective 2197A or Operations/Maintenance Program Objective 2172 or CCC 6164A will be required to change Program Objectives. This applies to new students only.

Previously enrolled students will be part of the two year teach out plan to complete their training.

Effective May 19 2015
The AS Degree in Aeronautical Science with concentration in Helicopters and College Credit Certificate (CCC 6164H) program for Helicopters was suspended for new student enrollment and is currently in a two year teach out plan.

General Overview

This program is designed to prepare the student to work in various aviation environments. The first track, Professional Pilot, trains the student to become a professional pilot flying either airplanes or helicopters. The second track, Operations Management, gives the student two management options; Flight Operations or Maintenance Operations (the Maintenance Operations requires an A&P license).

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