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Special Instructions for the Aeronautical Science Programs

Flight Classes

General Flight Course (ATF) Information.  All flight classes are included in the Aeronautical Science Controlled Access Program. Prior to registration of any flight class, students must deliver proof of US citizenship, a current FAA medical, a copy of their Panther Card, and proof of eligibility into MAC1105 (Program Objective 2197A and H, only) to the Department Chair during a required Flight Training Orientation Session. A schedule of all upcoming orientation sessions can be found at this link: Orientation Session Information. If you are not a US citizen, TSA approval is required. The TSA approval process can take 90 to 120 days or more to complete. See for more details.

Before you can begin your flight training, you must choose an affiliated flight school to do that training. All affiliated flight schools are included in the Advisory Guide located on the Aeronautical Science website: Authorized Flight Schools. Once you have selected the school, you must go to the Flight School and complete an Initiation Form. This form must then be sent by the Flight School to the program office before funds will be released for you to begin your fight training. If this Initiation Form is not received prior to midnight of the last day of drop/add for the semester of that course, you will be dropped from the class.

Special Designators for all ATF courses.  Many flight courses require a prerequisite of an FAA license or rating. For example, ATF1150L/ATF1342L requires a Private Pilot license. Once a student passes any FAA check ride, a copy of the temporary license must be presented to the Aeronautical Science Department so that a Special Designator for that license or rating can be placed on the Student's PBSC ID in order for the Student to be able to register for the next flight class.

ATF Electives. As part of the Associate of Science degree (Program Objective 2197A or H), there are five (5) elective credits of flight training courses that can be chosen by the student. The student will be allowed to choose these flight course electives if they are actively pursuing the Associate of Science degree (2197 A or H). This will be evaluated by the department. Special Permissions will be required to register for these electives. If you choose to follow the Commercial Pilot College Credit Certificate (6164 A or H) before pursuing the Associate of Science degree. This path will cause your flight training to stop while the general education courses are completed. Pay close attention to the prerequisites in the Program. For example, "Any PHY prefix course from Natural Sciences – Area IV" is a prerequisite for any Flight Training Elective course. And, MAC1105 is a prerequisite for many of those courses. It is recommended if you ultimately desire these electives, that you pursue the Associate of Science degree which has the Commercial Pilot College Credit Certificate embedded within it.

Night Vision Goggle (ATF2244L) course.  Due to the nature of the training for this course, Homeland Security requires approval for non-US citizens to take this course. This is a lengthy process and the student should meet with their Flight School before registering for this course.

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