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Stores Inventory and Price List

Prices effective 7/1/17 - 6/30/18

Non-window Envelope Image Envelopes #10 - no window - 500 count - Lake Worth Campus 10463 $14.01
Window Envelope Image Envelopes #10 - with window - 500 count - Lake Worth Campus
Note: Letterhead and envelopes with a campus-specific return address must be
ordered directly from the Print Shop (1-3463). 
10497 $15.83
Copy Paper Image

Recycled Paper - per case (10 reams per case)
8½ x 11 white paper only. Color paper and 8½ x 14 or larger must be purchased through your Office Depot account or from another vendor.
Note: Large orders cannot be stored in Central Receiving, departments must take immediate delivery of all items ordered.

11400 $25.90
Presentation Folders Image

Presentation Folders (each)
All other folders are available from the CRM department (1-3122)

12372 $0.59
In County Travel Forms Image

In County Travel (mileage) forms - 25 per pack
Limited to 5 packs per order per month   

11346  $3.00
 Request for Leave RFL Form Image

Leave forms - 50 per pack
Limited to 5 packs per order per month  

11341  $8.00
Prepay Form Image

Prepay (registration/travel) forms - 25 per pack
Limited to 5 packs per order per month  

11347  $3.00
Reimbursement Form Image

Reimbursement (travel) forms - 25 per pack
Limited to 5 packs per order per month  

11350  $4.50


CRM Publications for CRM Staff only 

Locked Folder

CRM Publication ORDER FORM   (Restricted access)

CRM Publication Inventory List (Restricted access)

Help - How to order   (Restricted access)



Order Turnaround Time

Delivery can be expected in an average of four (4) days from P.O. issue to delivery. Note: this does not include the length of time from requisition entry to P.O. issue, which is affected by the number of approvers in your specific approval path.

Placing a Stores Order

Start by entering a College Stores requisition in Panthernet:

Panthernet Path:
 1. CM/DR/AD
 2. Standard Requisition, Type: CS;
 3. Vendor # 591216000 2;
 4. College Stores items are in a browse called "Standard Text;"
 5. Tab the cursor down to the "Standard Text" after entering the quantity, unit of measure, and unit price field;
 6. Press F1 and select the item you wish to order from the browse.

How to Enter a Department Requisition

Need a refresher about entering requisitions?


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