To provide a forum to identify and resolve safety and security issues and concerns and to promote safety and security awareness within the College community, each campus has formed a campus Safety and Security Committee. These committees work in concert with Security, Safety & Risk Management and Facilities personnel to identify and correct physical safety and security hazards.

Each committee meets monthly or as agreed by the committee members to review safety and security incidents, identify trends and develop ways to reduce safety and security risks. Corrective action plans may be developed, with members of the committee assigned responsibility for overseeing them.

A link to the meeting minutes for each committee is shown on the Safety & Risk Management web page, as well as the name of each committee's chair. If any member of the College community has a safety or security issue or concern, please address it to one of the Safety Committee members for your campus or email your concern to either the Manager of Safety & Risk Management at or the Director of Security at

The following are the chairs for each campus' Safety and Security Committee.

Campus Chair Email
Lake Worth

Rick Reeder, Co-Chair
Ray Coulter, Co-Chair

Boca Raton Dr. Bernadette Russell
Belle Glade Jeanne Murcia
Palm Beach Gardens Merri Wright
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