The annual Lake Worth Campus Academic and Service Excellence Awards Ceremony is a fabulous upscale cocktail hour and awards event that is impossible to forget! It happens each year in April. Select students receive formal awards awarded typically by the person who made the nomination. Of course, friends and family are welcome.


Nominations begin February 28, 2017 with a deadline of March 24, 2017. We welcome any Palm Beach State faculty or staff person to nominate distinguished students and student organizations. Award categories include:

  • Student of the Year
  • Academic Excellence in [Subject Area]
  • Club Member of the Year
  • Club of the Year
  • Club Advisor of the Year
  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Excellence in Community Service
  • Overcoming of Disability
  • Most Outstanding Non-traditional Student
  • Student Assistant of the Year

The Academic and Service Excellence Awards Ceremony will be held on Thursday, April 27, 2017. Please consider Fall semester students as well as Spring semester students for these awards.


Academic Excellence Awards

All Associate Deans, Department Chairs and their respective faculty members should decide on ONE award recipient for each discipline:

  • Accounting
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • BAS: Information Management
  • BAS: Nursing
  • BAS: Supervision & Management
  • Biology
  • Credit Math
  • Chemistry - Physical Sciences
  • Child Care Management
  • Crime Scene
  • Criminal Justice
  • Dental Assisting Program
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood, High/Scope Certificate track
  • Economics
  • English
  • Elementary Education
  • Fire Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Geography
  • Honors
  • Intermediate Algebra
  • Journalism
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Paramedic
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Speech Communication
  • Strategies for College Success
  • Theatre

Nominations Instructions

Department Chairs and Associate Deans: Please review the following instructions and forward the information along with an explanation to faculty members in your departments.

Faculty Members will then nominate students for the academic excellence award in their discipline.

Example: Performing Arts and Foreign Languages Department can have several students nominated by faculty members in each of these disciplines: Music, Theater, and Foreign Language.

Department Chairs and/or designee will gather and review the nomination forms submitted by faculty members and endorse one award recipient per discipline to the Associate Dean.

Example cont: ONE student for Music, ONE student for Theater, and ONE student for Foreign the Performing Arts and Foreign Language Department THREE awards.

Associate Deans and/or designee will submit to Student Activities the final recipient selection for each discipline in their divisions via the online nomination form.  The submission of award nominees for recognition will be also submitted via the online nomination form, however, in the statement section please only note that the individual is an honoree.  These items must be submitted by March 24, 2017 The selection process should include the following:

  • Demonstrated Academic Excellence (by GPA, usually 3.0 or above)
  • Proven dedication of students' commitment to his/her field of study
  • Ability to motivate others

Please take into consideration the guidelines listed above along with your department's criteria.  Award criteria should include overall performance and not strictly GPA.

Please note that it is the department's responsibility to select the presenter of the academic excellence award in each discipline.  When the department's final selection has been made, please be sure to inform the presenter of the date and time of the ceremony.  There will be reserved seating for each presenter at the event.  If the presenters have any questions, please have them call the Office of Student Activities at (561) 868-3025.


Special Recognition Awards

In the categories of Special Recognition, the Office of Student Activities will be receiving ALL of the nomination forms.  We will have a committee review all of the nominations and decide on the recipients for the following award categories:

  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Overcoming Disability
  • Most Outstanding Non-traditional Student
  • Student of the Year

All faculty members are eligible to nominate students for the Special Recognitions categories.  Please complete the Online Special Recognition nominations form by March 24, 2017.

The Student of the Year Award will be nominated by students, faculty, and staff. Nomination forms should include but not be limited to accomplishments, participation, community service, GPA, campus involvement and school spirit.  Palm Beach State College's Student of the Year should truly represent a student who has gone above and beyond.

Service Excellence Awards

Club advisors from the following clubs should decide on ONE award recipient:

  • Aspira  
  • Black Student Union
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Community Service/ Volunteering
  • Computer Club
  • Cyber Security Alliance
  • Creative Writers Alliance
  • Dental Assisting Student Association (DASA)
  • E.Q.U.A.L.
  • EMS Club
  • Fire Academy Club
  • Future Educators of America
  • Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
  • History Club
  • Intramural Sports
  • Kiskeya Club
  • Math Club
  • Music Club
  • Nursing Student Association (NSA)
  • Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)
  • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
  • Philosophy Club
  • Psychology & Human Services Club
  • Science Club
  • Step Into Eternity
  • Student American Dental Hygiene Association (SADHA)
  • Student Government Association
  • Students for International Understanding (SIU)
  • Students for Recovery 
  • Veterans Club
  • Wellness

Nominations Instructions

Club Advisors:  Please consider students based on their dedication, participation, leadership, community service, GPA, campus involvement, school/ club spirit, and one who has gone above and beyond.

All award recipients and nominees will be sent an invitation through the Office of Student Activities as well as a courtesy call as a reminder of the date and time of the ceremony.  Please protect the significance of the awards ceremony by refraining from disclosing the award recipients.

Please keep the guidelines in mind as we look forward to the Academic and Service Excellence Awards Ceremony.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Activities at (561) 868-3025.  Thank you for your participation and cooperation with this event.

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