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Youth Programs



Super Saturdays!

Build a Battle Bot In a Robotics Class, Learn How To Create a Marketing Plan,
Advance Your Writing Skills or Algebra!

Youth Programs at Palm Beach State College CCE is offering 
Super Saturday classes for young adults ages 11-17.

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YCO0509 - Robotics  (Battle Bots)Image
Let the Battle of the Bots begin! Robot Challenge, the Battle of the Bots workshops, introduces participants to the modeling, design, planning, and control of robot systems to compete in a challenge of battle bots. Students will use provided robotic mechanisms to create a robot that will be able to withstand and distribute battle tactics with other robots. These interactive workshops will focus on learning about maximizing torque, how to withstand structural trauma, and how to impact with force.

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marketing    YCO0512 - Youth Entrepreneurship Marketing Plan– Sell Your Product!   
Discover how to create a fantastic marketing plan to build your business in these Youth Entrepreneurship Marketing Plan workshop classes. During these workshop classes, students will learn about marketing styles, how to design a marketing plan, branding, press releases, the importance of media, and website design. Community leaders will present to the students about marketing plans and assist students with how to design a great marketing plan. The workshop classes will end with a marketing plan competition.

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YCO0500 - Advance Math (Algebra 1)               Algebra
Advanced Math Algebra, Part One, for students ages 14-17. This is a non-credit course. The course's concentration is to enhance the students' understanding of their current algebra curriculum. Algebra, Part One, focuses on in depth understanding of the following algebra elements: 1. Real and Complex Number Systems 2. Relations and Functions 3. Linear Equations and Inequalities 4. Polynomials This course will provide hands-on activities, teacher led class discussions and frequent student assessments to assist with understanding of the course elements. The course is a small group setting of no more than 12 students, to ensure focused understanding of materials. Supplies needed for this class: scientific calculator, notebook and binder.                                                      

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YCO0517 - Advance Writingwriting
Writing excellence is the purpose of this Advanced Writing course for students ages 15-17. This dynamic, hands-on course is designed to help students so that their writing is focused, purposeful and reflects insights of the topic. Students will be able to write on topics that convey a sense of completeness and wholeness while adhering to the main idea of the topic and maintaining an organizational pattern for a logical progression of ideas. Other parts of this workshop will contain sentence structure that is varied and sentences that are complete and purposeful. Students will engage in mock writing exams to understand how to manage time effectively when taking a required timed written exam or meeting a time-sensitive deadline for a written report.

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Summer Youth College

Palm Beach State College offers several Summer programs for the youth community.  Students will enjoy a unique college experience that's full of fun and learning without the pressure of grades, homework or tests! Click on the campus of your choice for more information.

Boca Raton- Summer Youth College
- Robotics
- Pottery
Lake Worth

- Summer Youth College
- 3D Digital Animation *NEW
- JR Public Safety *NEW
- BAK & Dreyfoos School of the Arts
- Drumline
- Masters Of Band Camp *NEW

Palm Beach Gardens- Summer Youth College
- BEST Academy
- Mom & Daughter STEM Camp
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