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Choice Cashier Forms

Career Pathway Agreement Cashier Forms
The student completes the appropriate cashier's form to the Campus Cashier's Office, pays the Career Pathways testing fee of $20 and follows the directions to complete the course assessment for articulated course credit. 

Some Career Pathway articulated courses have two assessments-a written and a practical portion. The student pays one fee and takes the cashier's form with attached receipt first to the Campus Testing Center to complete the written portion of the exam.  Once completed, the student takes the cashier's form and receipt to the designated department to schedule the practical portion of the exam*. The student must pass both portions of the exam along with providing any additional certification listed on the prior learning form to be awarded the articulated credit. 

For those courses that only have one exam part or a portfolio submission, the student takes the cashier form and the receipt to the Testing Center or department as required to complete the assessment.


  • MEA0310 has two written exam portions both administered in the College Testing Center 
  • FSS1220L has a practical exam and a portfolio submission (Print out the Cashier Form and the Portfolio form for this course)
  • GRA2100C requires only a portfolio review. (Print out the cashier's form and the portfolio review form.)
  • The practical exam for OST1100 is the same one administered for OTA0101.  The student should designate which courses they wanted awarded when completing the prior learning process. 

Career Pathway Reviewer
Click on the appropriate cashier form below and print out the appropriate cashier's form for the course being considered for articulated credit. Links on specific courses require the student to print out that form as well to complete the assessment process.

Two Part Exam Cashier Form ACR0430






(Written 1/Written 2)



  One Part ExamCashier Form CGS1100 (Written)








For the complete portfolio process, go to Prior Learning Assessment.


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