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Standards for PBSC Webpages

Palm Beach State College understands the value and importance of having information on the Web to assist students in their educational goals.  Palm Beach State's Web policies were created to encourage consistency, accuracy, and promote a standardized branding across academic and department webpages college-wide.

The quality of the information published by the College plays an important role in presenting PBSC to the community and maintaining its reputation and image as a major educational institution in Palm Beach County.  All PBSC webpages represent Palm Beach State College and all are expected to follow the Web Standards and Best Practices policies.

Updates Needed to Existing Web Pages?

All Palm Beach State College departments have at least one assigned Web Maintainer who has gone through Web training and have access to edit their department web pages. If you do not know who your Web Maintainer is, email an info request.

New Web Area Needed?

To have a new web area added to the Palm Beach State College web site, email your request with the following information:

  1. Desired URL name of the new web area
  2. The target audience
  3. The general purpose of the new web page(s)
  4. How many pages of information are anticipated.
  5. The umbrella or related academic program or College area this new area should fall under or is it a stand-alone?
  6. The “Owner” of the pages (1 name only - an Assoc Dean, Dean or equivalent) who is ultimately responsible for the content of the new web area. No training is required.
  7. The name of the “Web Maintainer” who will make the updates and changes to the pages. This person must attend a 2-hour OU Campus training before they are given access to the web pages.

Contact Info

Daycia Bowman, Web Content Manager

Julie Foos, Web Communications Specialist

Jennifer Boehm, Web Communications Specialist

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