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Website Redesign

We will use this page to identify any issues with the newly redesigned website and offer help as we all become familiar with the new navigation.

New Home Page Screen ShotPlease send an email if you find any broken links or missing information. Be sure to include the URL of the web page identified. You can find the URL in the top left corner of the browser window.

Web Redesign Help

Check back often as we will continue to add information to help you quickly learn and feel comfortable navigating the new website.

Quick Navigation Tips PDF

Outstanding Issues  [resolving as we discover them]

  1. Some documents did not move over to the new site which is causing broken links.
  2. Some forms are not working correctly 

Resolved Issues

  • Accordion tables will now open in Chrome but you must clear your browsing history first.
  • Instagram feed is working properly.
  • Internal server settings for Internet Explorer were resolved to allow proper display of website.


Web Redesign Timeline

New Redesigned Website Officially Launched: March 13, 2017

Alluser email was sent the week before Spring Break alerting staff and faculty that the new website would be live when they returned from Spring Break.  Efforts made to keep all previous links active and point to the equivalent or relevant information. However, due to significant changes in the web architecture and consolidation of pages, issues will arise.  They will be resolved as quickly as possible. 

Rebuilding and Launching: January - March 2017

Page templates delivered by OmniUpdate and process of building our current content into those responsive templates.  Planned launch of the new website is March 2017.

Cleanup & Consolidation: June - December 2016

Deadlines were extended and emails sent to Web Maintainers and Group Owners to encourage them to review their pages. For those not done by September, we started the cleanup and for larger areas, we sent out spreadsheets with the proposed consolidation for them to approve.

Web Maintainer Meetings - June 2016

Web Redesign Handout

Writing Best Practices & Examples

Web Feedback Format

Held over 20 sessions to meet with almost 200 Web Maintainers to provide updates on the Web Redesign project and ask for their help. The Goal: they need to review and consolidate their current information and delete old and duplicate pages/information to help reduce our page count and move toward longer scrolling pages for our new responsive design.  Deadline to respond: July 14, 2016.

Online Meetings:  March - October 2016

PBSC and Converge worked on creating personas, the message matrix, SEO review strategy, wireframes for the information architecture, navigation, and template design.

Site Visit and Feedback Meetings:  February 2016

Our partner, Converge Consulting, visited PBSC and met with numerous groups, across all disciplines, including current and future students to gather feedback.

Web Redesign Partner:  October - December 2015

Research began to find a valued partner to help us with our Web Redesign. We needed a fresh look and a responsive design for students to use on their mobile devices.  Converge Consulting was the chosen partner and the contract was signed December 2015.

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