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Faculty Development Action Teams


Below are the Faculty Development Action Team descriptions to choose from:

Coffee with a Professor: These events will provide students with opportunities to meet professors over coffee in a casual setting for informal mentoring and relationship building.

Teaching Circles: Faculty reading groups centered on Scholarship of Teaching & Learning and application of scholarship to teaching and learning at PBSC.

Faculty Discussion Groups: Informal, casual meetings focused on faculty-chosen topics surrounding teaching, learning, academic issues and the life of a professor.

Student Panels: These events are held for faculty to listen to students' challenges and successes. These events host groups of students, including Title V populations, to identify and explore challenges and obstacles they face.

Student Focus Groups:
Information gained in student focus groups will help to inform faculty of effective inclusive practices, as well as inform the CTLE of contents and needs for future programming.

DiversiTEA: Developed from University of Tennessee’s program, this program is designed for faculty to come together to explore ideas in a comfortable space (over tea) to discuss specific issues surrounding the topic of diversity, with the consistent focus on student success.

Stewart Award: This team will meet with Dr. Anita Kaplan and then revisit and refresh the Stewart Teaching Award.

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs): Faculty groups dedicated to specific areas of the Pillars of Instructional Excellence who gather information and resources to create and expand professional development workshops and certificates at PBSC. We are creating PLCs to develop workshops in the areas of Know, Engage & Thrive.

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If you selected Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), please identify the area(s) you are interested in:
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