Course Outline for AMH2010 - US HIST TO 1865
Full Course Title: United States History To 1865 (AA)
Course Description: Examines the extension of European culture into the Western Hemisphere, the growth and development of the 13 English colonies and intensive study of the Constitution of the United States and the early national period of the United States to the end of the Civil War. Requires a demonstration of computer application. (*)
Credit Hours: 3 Clock Hours: Lecture Hours: 48
Lab Hours: Clinical Hours:
Funding Category: Advanced Professional (Transfer)
General Education Status: Yes
Gordon Rule: Yes
Pre-requisite Courses: Appropriate English and reading placement scores or course completion required to enroll in this General Education course.
Co-requisite Courses: None
Materials/equipment/Links required by student: None
Course Effective Term: Fall, 1977
Course Outline Creation Term: Fall, 2007
Course Outline Revision Term: Summer, 2013
Special Fees: None
Course Fee Revision Date:
Course Learning Outcomes:

Discuss the evolution of the nation's political institutions (with particular attention to the Constitution) and their response to changing circumstances, expectations, prominent figures and events.

Survey the growth of America's role in the world.

Discuss the development of the American economy from agrarian beginnings to industrialization.

Analyze ways in which the American people have lived including cultural and social arrangements; the impact of socioeconomic change; and the interaction of groups divided by class, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and region.

Promote intelligent discussion and examination of American History in order to form judgments and opinions applicable to the present and the future.

Methods of Assessment:
  • Objective Tests
  • Projects
  • Research Report
  • Comprehensive Final Exam