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This program is currently under transition. Further details will be posted here asap. 

Welcome to the International Education Center, where our motto is... "They're not just classes. They're adventures in learning."

The International Education Center (IEC) office believes there are many opportunities for you that will enhance and open windows to the world and they will be memorable for the rest of your life. PBSC faculty-led programs are designed to broaden your points of view and develop respect for other cultures and people from many parts of the world.

By visiting the International Education Center webpages, you are provided with information that will help you to be successful in finding appropriate study abroad courses, preparing for the required documentation to travel, and in planning to register for study abroad courses. There are several procedures that are required and this web site will provide directions and suggestions to help you with the travel preparation process.

Study Abroad is an integral part of your undergraduate education. Check out these tidbits of national data*:

  • According to the American Council on Education, 70% of incoming freshmen want to include education abroad as part of their undergraduate education.
  • According to the SAGE study, students who study abroad give back to their home campuses at a higher rate than students who do not study abroad.
  • Nationally, 10% of students enrolled in 4‐year colleges/universities study abroad before graduation.
  • Participation in education abroad does not have to delay graduation or decrease GPA. It generally has the opposite effect.
  • According to IES Abroad, students who study abroad are more likely to get into their 1st and 2nd choice graduate schools, start employment in their field within 6 months (without study abroad, 9 months), and have an average annual starting salary $7,000 above students who do not study abroad.
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities students who were pre‐med and studied abroad had a medical school acceptance rate of over 60%. UMTC students who were pre‐med and did not study abroad had an acceptance rate over 20% lower.
  • At the University of California, San Diego students who studied abroad were more satisfied with their undergraduate education than those who did not study abroad.

*Anderson, Lynn C. How to Acquire Resources for Education Abroad on Your Campus (PDF document).


The International Education Center Study Abroad Student Handbook is your reference guide, and it should be reviewed carefully when planning PBSC faculty-led courses.

By participating in the Palm Beach State College International Education Center Study/Travel Abroad opportunities, you will be among those students who are accepting new adventures. While abroad, you will also be a Palm Beach State College ambassador representing your college, your area of study, our nation while overseas, and your home campus community when you return.


Contact Info

Email:  Professor Jonathan Pernick
Phone:  (561) 862-4366
801 Palm Beach State College Drive, AD 309
Boca Raton, FL 33431-6490

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow –mindedness."  Mark Twain

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