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How To Apply

The International Education Center wants you to consider becoming a global citizen

What that means is that you may:

  • Understand yourself and your native culture better.
  • Recognize your own perspective as one that is grounded in your own unique history, culture and ability to represent your own culture to others.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of cultures. This requires an intensive immersion into a (non-U.S.) country or region, including coursework, language immersion, historical background and direct experience of another culture, through your faculty-led study abroad course.
  • Develop cross cultural respect and humility.
  • Have the ability to observe, participate in, and adapt to new cultures as well reflect upon the values of  new cultures.
  • Understand the ever-changing complexities of human culture.
  • Become wary of generalizations and resistant to stereotypes.


Global citizenship provides an imperative for individuals to become fully engaged in their own and the other culture in which they find themselves. Global citizens feel compelled to work towards genuine understanding among peoples and actively work across lines of class, culture and nationality to solve pressing human issues. 

Therefore... Welcome to the Student Application Process Page

There are many items for you to review, including current listings of course offerings, program dates, deadlines to apply, the application process and the (IEC) Student Handbook. 

1.  You should complete the application process as soon as possible for a course that meets your needs. 

2.  Meet with the office of International Education.  Meetings may take place on your home campus or at the Boca Raton IEC Office. 

3.  Contact the study abroad faculty member directly regarding the information related to the course for which you want to register.  Your campus academic advisor will guide you accordingly.

4.  Student Informational Study Abroad meetings will be scheduled on your campus and you should put the dates on your calendar since important information will be shared.  In addition to the course information, you will learn about passports, costs, the country to be visited and important timelines.

Important Things to Consider:

Your faculty-led study abroad experience requires your careful thought and planning.  Selecting the right course can be daunting, but it deserves your thoughtful consideration.  The following are questions to think about during the process.  You may want to contact the International Education Center coordinator for advice before completing the application process.  The faculty member who is leading the study abroad course is also available for additional information.  Students from any of the four Palm Beach State College locations are eligible to apply for the study abroad courses.

Academic Considerations

  • Will the course apply to your graduation requirements?
  • Are you prepared to study the course as provided by the syllabus?
  • Are you aware of all of the requirements for the course desired?


  • Why are you interested in attending the faculty-led study abroad course?
  • What do you want to gain from the experience?
  • What is your financial status and how will you pay for the expenses?
  • Why are you drawn to this particular part of the world? 

The Application

Application Procedures
Your name on the student application must completely match the name as it is or will be on your passport, including your middle name. We give the name that you enter on your application to the travel provider for ticket issuance. If the name you provide to us does not exactly match the name on your passport, you may not be permitted to board your flight, or the airline could charge you a large fee to re‐issue your tickets. The College is not responsible for errors or omissions of your name on the Study/Travel Abroad application.

If you have a current passport, please include a copy of the identification page of your passport with your application to participate in the PBSC courses.

You must sign all areas and initial where applicable on the completed Study Abroad application (See link on this website to access forms). All completed and signed forms should be provided to the faculty program leader and an additional copy to the International Education Center on the Boca Raton campus, Room AD 309.

You must be aware of the program costs, fees and payment schedules as published. You must comply with all deadlines for payments.

At the IEC we will try our best to accommodate late additions to the programs. However, for Summer A and Summer B programs, the deadline to sign up is the first week of May. There will be no exceptions.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please speak to the faculty member who is sponsoring this international education course or contact the IEC office.

International Education Faculty-led Study Abroad programs and activities are developed and priced specifically for student and faculty participation. We welcome the PBSC college community to study with the sponsored programs to enrich learning through global education/travel experiences.

To participate in the International Education Study Abroad program, please submit a completed application form accompanied by the specified program deposit as provided for your individual Study program. CASH IS NEVER ACCEPTED. Your deposit must be submitted according to the timelines of your individual study fact sheet prior to the program provided deadlines. Once your completed application and program deposit are received, deposited and accepted, you will be notified by the faculty organizer and the International Education Center office of your approval for participation. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

The office of International Education (IEC) and or faculty reserve the right to accept or decline participants in the program at any time should a participant's actions be determined to impede or obstruct the progress of the program in any way.

To complete the student application to the faculty-led study abroad program desired, complete the form available under "Procedures and Forms."

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