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Faculty Resources

The International Education Center (IEC) Faculty Handbook and the forms below are designed to assist and guide you with faculty-led study abroad programs. The forms are updated as required by the College Leadership, Risk Management, and Legal Council. Faculty are encouraged to read the Handbook when developing current and new courses for study abroad experiences. It will help with securing necessary initial approvals (Campus Program Planning Committee) and the process for the final approval (Program Review Committee). It is also useful for recruiting students, determining costs, organizing and planning the activities for the overseas study programs. The IEC Faculty Handbook should be a resource during the study abroad experience for important contacts, emergencies, and procedures.

The International Education Center welcomes all faculty who teach credit-bearing courses to share international contacts, experiences or interests in working with our office in the development of program proposals. Our roles are to facilitate most of the program concerns, including logistics and researching costs. We will provide:

  • Assistance on how to develop a program
  • Provide the required procedures for the establishment of the program, including program applications
  • Assist with the promotion and student recruitment on all campuses
  • Provide guidance on the College-authorized collection of monetary transactions, including the collection and disbursement of funds
  • Assist with the preparation of costs and negotiations with vendors in order to achieve the lowest costs for students
  • Assist with international travel arrangements and required U.S. government alerts and related items
  • Assist with pre-departure faculty and student orientations
  • Ensure that all paperwork required for participation is submitted
  • Verify that all participants have appropriate health insurance, passports, visas and country specific requirements
  • Coordinate pre- and post-departure requirements

What is a PBSC Faculty-Led Program?

Definition:  A faculty-led program is a credit-bearing international experience that includes activities and instructional contact hours that meet learning objectives through organized excursions and cultural encounters.  They may last one to three weeks overseas.   While traveling, the faculty will be on-call 24 hours a day, helping students beyond the classroom.  Strong organizational and time management skills along with a good sense of humor are vital.


  • Location: Faculty should be comfortable leading students in a location that supports the teaching credential and curriculum proposal.
  • Academic Integrity: 48 (3 credit hour course) and 64 (4 credit hour course) contact hours must be achieved with partial study on campus before leaving the country, during the abroad experience, and upon the return.  Learning outcomes must be addressed during the proposal stages.  The study abroad should be a meaningful academic enterprise recognized by the department, students and administration.
  • Target Population: All of the PBSC students are eligible to register for the course if they meet pre-requisite standards.
  • Financial Feasibility: The cost of the program should be reasonable and competitive with other similar programs. The total published price should include all expenses other than personal items. Students are able to use Financial Aid to cover the class and trip costs. Encourage them to meet with a Financial Aid advisor.
  • Destination Country Safety: When choosing a destination country, faculty should determine the country's political and economic stability.

The Process

International Education Center Faculty Handbook - International Destinations

The Handbook includes details on all procedures to start the process. The Faculty Handbook also contains all the forms the faculty will need to print and fill out. Refer to the Appendix Menu in the Faculty Handbook to find and print them. The two forms all faculty must fill out are:

Objective Form

Program Approval Form

Program Providers List so you may quote the study abroad program.

Timelines for faculty-led Study Abroad Proposals

All completed Faculty-Led Proposal Forms should be sent to the respective campus Planning Committee members:

  • Belle Glade: TBD
  • Boca Raton: TBD
  • Lake Worth: Associate Dean, Ms. Susan M. Caldwell
  • Palm Beach Gardens: Associate Dean, Dr. Robert Gingras

The respective campus Provost should approve the study abroad proposal and sign the form. The International Education Program Director (IEPD) and the faculty making the proposal will present the proposal to the Campus Planning Committee.

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