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Procedures & Forms

This page has important forms that will be helpful to you.  The application should be completed carefully after you have selected a faculty-led course that meets your academic and personal goals.  The other forms are required by Palm Beach State College in order to provide you with appropriate travel and College requirements.  You should read the Palm Beach State College Student Handbook for specific rules for Code of Conduct which apply to students in the United States and also while abroad.  The faculty and the director will require that students read, understand and comply with College policies and procedures while registered for a faculty-led study abroad course.

Please print each of the forms and sign accordingly. All forms should be provided to the International Education Program Director's office:

International Education Center, Palm Beach State College, 801 Palm Beach State College Drive, AD 309, Boca Raton, FL 33431. The lead faculty member will also receive a copy of the forms which will be kept in confidence and utilized as required during the study abroad experience.

FORM 1 - Traveler Information and Passport

FORM 2 - Emergency Contact Information

FORM 3 - Physician Statement

FORM 4 - Permission For Emergency Treatment

FORM 5 - Student Program Release and Indemnity Agreement

FORM 8 - Student Application

FORM 6 - Student Records Information Consent Waiver

FORM 7 - Passport Requirements

FORM 9 - Photo Audio Text Video Release

FORM 10 - Drug, Alcohol, Discipline Policy

FORM 11- Cover Page

Student Traveler Checklist

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