Course Descriptions

TIO0960 - Makeup Essentials and Beyond

Course Description:
How would you like to create a make-up that makes your client look so naturally flawless that no one will believe they didn't wake up that way? This is the true definition of a modern beauty make-up. Before you can apply make-up, you must first master the individual elements of an application. This course will break down a modern beauty make-up into its basic beauty building blocks and then put them back together to create a polished final look. Some of the topics included will be client consultation, essential tools, product knowledge and selection, color choices, prepping the canvas, and make-up theory and application techniques. For the novice and experienced professional alike, this course offers a blend of theory, demonstration and practical application to enhance your skills in beauty make-up artistry. Prerequisite: State of Florida Cosmetology, Esthetician or Salon License.