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Bachelor's Degree Programs

If you want better career opportunities and a higher income, there's no substitute for a bachelor's degree. Earn yours at Palm Beach State College. Our bachelor's degree programs are designed for people with an associate degree or at least 60 equivalent college credits. With your prior credits accepted, time to completion is shorter, usually between 18-24 months, depending your course load and need to complete program prerequisites. No college credits? Learn about our associate degrees!


Supervision & ManagementBachelor of Applied Science
- General Management
- Entrepreneurship
- Health Management
- Project Management
Information ManagementBachelor of Applied Science
- Database Administration
- Project Management
- Security & Network
Bachelor of Science
Certificate of Professional Preparation

Why Choose Palm Beach State College?

Earn a bachelor's degree your way - one that delivers the knowledge and skills employers are looking for.

  • Affordable: Tuition is a fraction of what private schools cost. Financial aid and scholarships can bring costs even lower.
  • Convenient: Choose online or face-to-face classes (day, evening and weekend options).
  • Great Faculty: Learn from professors with industry and college teaching experience, including full-time, Ph.D.-credentialed faculty.
  • Personal: With small class sizes, faculty can focus on your success.
  • Palm Beach State's Career Center offers multiple job and career resources and free workshops.
  • Real-world: Each bachelor's degree program was carefully developed with the input of industry partners and community leaders and focuses on current needs and trends through a continuous review process.

Bachelor's Advising

Let us help you succeed!

Our dedicated team of advisors is ready to help you every step of the way toward earning your bachelor's degree at Palm Beach State. When you meet one-on-one with an advisor, you'll be able to discuss your goals and gain a better understanding of:

  • Program options
  • Admission requirements & prerequisites
  • Application process
  • Student resources
  • Career paths

When meeting with a bachelor's degree advisor, your individual academic records will be reviewed to determine coursework and program requirements needed to complete a bachelor's degree at Palm Beach State College. Educational planning and degree audit tools also will be demonstrated, empowering you to use these aids independently.

Prospective Students: If you are interested in any bachelor's degree offered here and you are not a student at Palm Beach State, please email the Admissions Specialist your questions, or call 561-868-4109.

Dynamic Learning - Online

As a bachelor's degree student, you'll have the opportunity to take many of your courses online. You can fit school into your schedule using any computer with an Internet connection. With 24/7 access to course content, you'll find everything that makes high-quality online learning exciting--video, simulations, group activities, virtual discussion rooms and more.

  • No canned lessons from a publisher! Palm Beach State instructors share their expertise in every lesson. You'll feel like you're taking a real class because you are.
  • Every lesson contains prompts for discussion that emphasize critical thinking and encourage students to present their own solutions. The focus is on active learning.
  • You'll always know what to do and how well you're doing through interaction and collaboration with faculty and peers.

Palm Beach State has been providing online learning for over 10 years. Fully supported by a dedicated eLearning staff, you'll find that learning online is the ideal way to fit education into a busy life.

Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees - It's the students choice to mix and match online and face-to-face classes. All Bachelor's level classes are offered online. Face-to-face classes are offered during the day and evening as well as some weekends, although not all classes are offered at all times. Face-to-face classes are held at the Center for Bachelor's Programs on the Lake Worth campus.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing - The majority of coursework is online. There are 2 courses with clinical components.

Learn more about eLearning at Palm Beach State.

Q. How do I apply to the B.A.S program?
A. Current students (enrolled within the current year) may submit a request to Change Program of Study, online through Panther Web new and returning (never attended/ did not enroll within the current year) students must apply /reapply to Palm Beach State College.

Q. I am graduating this semester with my Associate’s degree from PBSC when should I apply to the Bachelor’s Program?
A. If you are a current PBSC student you should apply during your last semester of being awarded your degree. If you are transferring, your degree must be posted on your transcripts prior to being admitted.

Q. Are there prerequisites before being admitted into the B.A.S program?
A. There are no prerequisites required for admission into the B.A.S program.

Q. Can I take B.A.S courses while I am in the process of completing my Associate’s degree program?
A. No. You will only be able to start B.A.S courses in the semester after earning your degree.

Q. I already have an Associate’s Degree. Why does my degree need to be from a regionally accredited institution?
A. Palm Beach State College only recognizes courses and degrees from regionally accredited institutions. Check if your institution is regionally accredited.

Q. Is foreign language required for admission into the B.A.S program?
A. Foreign language is a graduation requirement and must be completed to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree. For more information please speak with a B.A.S Academic Advisor.

Q. How can I transfer my credits from another college/university?
A. All college transcripts must be officially sent to Palm Beach State Admissions Office

Q. I have earned a degree or, have credits from a college/university outside of the United States.
A. Contact Palm Beach State Admissions Office for transcript evaluation requirements and completing the admission process.

Q. How can I contact a B.A.S Advising/ Admissions Office for specific questions?
A. You may contact the Admissions Specialist at or call (561) 868-4105.
You may also contact a B.A.S Academic Advisor by scheduling an appointment.

Q. Is the Bachelor’s Student Orientation/Education planning required for returning students?
A. Yes. The Bachelor’s Student Orientation/Education planning is required for returning students and is valid for one year.

Q. Is the B.A.S program eligible for Financial Aid?
A. Yes, all Bachelor of Applied Science programs are eligible for financial aid for those who qualify. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Q. Are any of my courses subject to expiration before entry into the B.A.S program?
A. No, courses do not expire for the B.A.S program.

Q. Must I choose full time or part time student status.
A. No, you may choose full-time or part-time each semester.

Q. Are the B.A.S courses only offered on the Lake Worth Campus?
A. Yes. All Bachelor’s courses are offered ‘seated’ only at the Lake Worth campus or online to all campus locations.

Q. I have never taken an online class. How do I know if online is right for me?
A. There many resources available regarding online courses. ELO1000 is a FREE tutorial designed to help prepare for online learning at Palm Beach State.

Q. How do I access my student Palm Beach State email account?
A. The College uses e-mail as an official means of communication with students. Visit the Student Email webpage for more details.

Q. Does the Bachelor of Applied Science program transfer into a Master’s program?
A. Yes, the B.A.S is transferable; however, students are encouraged to contact the graduate program of choice institution for specific admissions requirements.

Q. Where can I find information for tuition and fees?
A. Refer to this link for the Tuition and fees schedule.

As a public institution, Palm Beach State's tuition is very affordable. In fact, we are one of the least expensive colleges in the U.S.

Program Credit Hours:
The Bachelor of Applied Science degrees consist of 42 college credits, not counting the credits required for an associate degree. View credit details and then select the program that interests you at the bottom of the page.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree consists of 54 college credits, not counting the credits needed for an Associate in Science degree in Nursing, required for admission. View credit details.

Other Costs:
Textbooks - The cost of textbooks varies depending on if you buy new, used or rent. The Palm Beach State College Bookstore helps students get the best prices.

Technology - As online learning is a major component of our bachelor's programs, you will need access to a computer with an Internet connection. View online specifications

Need financial help?  Palm Beach State has many options to help students defray costs.

Note: All fees are subject to change by action of the Florida Legislature and the Palm Beach State College District Board of Trustees.

The Accrediting Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is the world's largest accrediting body and the first to accredit business degree programs at all degree levels.

Bachelors Degree Program: Strategic Action Plan 2013-2018

Bachelors Degree Program: Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Bachelors Degree Program: Strategic Plan Results 2015

Bachelors Degree Program: Strategic Plan Results 2014

You are welcome to visit us in the Bachelor Degree Programs office suite! We are in the Center for Bachelor's Programs (CBP) on the Lake Worth campus. Please visit us if you would like more information about the Bachelor Degree programs.

Admissions Staff:

Hilary S. Ashmen
Interim Bachelor's Degree Programs, Admissions Advisor
Phone: 561-868-4105

Advising Staff:

Mily Davila
Bachelor's Degree Programs, Academic Advisor
Phone: 561-868-4104

Deslee Francis-Grant
Interim Bachelor's Degree Programs, Academic Advisor
Phone: 561-868-4113

Karen Burrell
Bachelor's Degree Programs, Academic Advisor
Phone: 561-868-4114

Academic Management Staff:

Dr. Louise Aurelien
Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, Director
Phone: 561-868-4115

Laura Gainer
Bachelor's Degree Programs, Academic-Student Services Manager
Phone: 561-868-4106

Administrative Contact:

Dr. Anita Kaplan
Bachelor's Degree Programs, Dean
Phone: 561-868-4102

Dr. Don Gladney
Bachelor's Degree Programs, Associate Dean
Phone: 561-868-4116

Administrative Assistant:

Maria Lopez
Bachelor's Degree Programs, Associate Administrative Assistant
Phone: 561-868-4102

Bachelor's Degree Programs, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 561-868-4109
Bachelor's Degree Programs, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 561-868-4116
Accordion Row - Three Columns
Title Faculty Info
First Column

Supervision & Management Faculty:

Dr. Roger Blair, Dept Chair

Dr. C. Thomas Capers, Dept Chair

Dr. David Gossman

Dr. Michele Tiggle

Dr. Jehu Chong


Second Column

Information Management Faculty:

Dr. Kerry Enfinger

Prof. Hector Hernandez

Third Column

BSN Faculty:

Dr. Nancy Peifer-Neil

Dr. Mary A. Biderman

Dr. Adina DiFederico-Yates


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