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Academic Affairs Site Index

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- A -
Academic Calendars - Class Meeting Calendars
Academic Committees and Councils
Academic Management Manual
Academic Policies and Procedures
Academic Services Website
Accreditation Documents - Institutional Reaffirmation (SACSCOC)
Administrators / Directors (College-wide)
Agenda Template - Generic (Word)
Agreement - Consultant (.pdf)
Agreement - Speaker (.pdf)
Assistants - Administrative & Office (Cross-Referenced w/Supervisors)
Associate Deans / Assistant Deans
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- B -
Bachelor's Degree Programs
Bargaining Agreement (Faculty)
Budget Office
Budget Preparation Guide 
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- C -
Calendars - Academic and Class Meeting
CLAS Requirements Repealed
Class Meeting Calendars - Academic Calendars
Clusters, Chairs, Scribes, Liaisons 
Committees and Councils (Academic)
Conference Rooms, Lake Worth (Reservations are not made through the Central Scheduling office)
Consultant Agreement (.pdf)
Continuing Contract  - Section G of the Academic Policies & Procedures Manual
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- D -
DBOT Schedule & Agendas
Deans (Academic & Student Services)
Department Chairs
Development Day
Directors / Program Directors
Distance Learning (eLearning)
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- E -
Endowed Faculty Chairs
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- F -
Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement
Faculty Contracts
Field Trip Permission Form
Final Exam Schedules and Key Semester Dates (provided by Lake Worth Academic Dean's office)
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Human Resource Forms
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Institutional Research & Effectiveness (IRE)
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- J -

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- K -
Key Semester Dates and Final Exam Schedules
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- M -
Manuals - Academic Management  
Minutes Template - Generic
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- N -

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- P -
Program Contact List
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- R -
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- S -
S&PD Guidelines & Forms (Staff and Program Development)
Sabbatical Leave
SACSCOC Accreditation & Reaffirmation
SACSCOC Institutional Accreditation Statement
SACSCOC Steering Committee Minutes
Speaker/Consultant Agreement (.pdf)
Stewart Distinguished Teaching Award
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- T -
Tuition Reimbursement Request Form (Undergraduate and Graduate Courses)
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- V -
Vendor Application (Purchasing)
Vice Presidents
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