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Information & Reference

These reference resources are maintained by Academic Services.

Academic Affairs Policies & Documents includes current polices and procedures of Academic Affairs.

Academic Management Manual is a comprehensive guide to loading classes, faculty credential requirements, calendars, policies & procedures, prior learning assessment and international travel guidelines for planning student trips.

Program Accreditation & Certification Palm Beach State academic programs carry program accreditation and/or state certification.

Program Contacts lists contacts and information for each program of study. (Current & Archive)

Run Degree Audit
Palm Beach State has prepared an easy-to-follow guide on how to run a degree audit.


This information for Corporate & Continuing Education staff includes the CCE manual and links to relevant documents and resources.

CCE Forms/Manuals:

Adjunct Development Course Process Manual

Course Dictionary Form

Cover Sheet Contract Training Form

Rate Exception Form 

CCE Syllabus Template

Core Course Template  


Third Party Billing/Batch Processing Forms:


Guidelines for Writing Course Descriptions:


Procedures for Producing a Mail Merge for Printing Awards


Course Description Guidelines

  1. Review the guidelines created by College Relations & Marketing for writing effective course descriptions. Please use these guidelines when submitting all new requests for courses to be loaded to the course dictionary.

  2. Download existing course descriptions. These course descriptions were downloaded on August 6 and are current.

  3. Task - Update existing course descriptions by looking at the courses that have been assigned to you. Download the worksheet with all active CCE courses. The worksheet is in Word. When you open the worksheet, you will see several columns. The first column has the course number, the second column the last name of the assigned program manager, the third column has space for the revised course description, and the fourth column indicates whether you would like to inactivate the course.

  4. What to put in each column of the worksheet:

Column 1 - Please make no changes

Column 2 - Please make no changes

Column 3 - Please provide an updated course description. If you think the existing course description meets the guidelines, please type in the column "OK AS IS".

Column 4 - Indicate if you would like to inactivate the course. If you want to inactivate the course, please place a Y in this column. If you want to keep the course active, place an N in this column. Inactivating the course does not delete the course from the dictionary. There are currently 957 active courses in the dictionary for CCE. If you are deactivating the course, you need not provide an updated course description.


Palm Beach State phased out the printed class schedule as part of budget reductions and our efforts in sustainability. The documents below will help you use online search tools or print a class schedule to assist students in finding available classes. Using these tools is actually much more useful as they give up-to-the-minute information on the class schedule.

Course Search - The search tool is very powerful and can help you easily locate a needed class for a student.

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