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Faculty Web Page/Syllabi Resources

 District Board of Trustees Policy 6Hx-18-2.051 states all course syllabi are to be posted online before the beginning of each term’s registration period. This syllabus should include all textbook information, which is part of the syllabus template. This policy requires faculty and instructors to post syllabi to their faculty/instructor home page according to the following deadlines:

Academic Term Deadline to Post Syllabus
 Fall 2019 -1 (2018)
April 17, 2018
 Spring 2019-2 October 2, 2018
 Summer 2019-3 March 12, 2019
 Fall 2020-1 (2019)
April 16, 2019
 Spring 2020-2 October 1, 2019**

  **Pending District Board of Trustees approval and State approval of Class Meeting Calendars. According to DBOT Policy - before Spring 2020-2 Registration 
    October 2, 2019.  Please note syllabi posting deadlines have been updated according to DBOT Policy 6Hx-18-2.051 Course Syllabi and as listed in the Academic Affairs
   Policies and  Procedures Manual, Section G.

Posting Syllabi to Your Faculty Homepage

To post your syllabi to your faculty home page, you must use the Syllabus Utility.  You can access the Syllabus Utility through the Faculty Homepage Utility. For information on how to use the Syllabus Utility, go to the Faculty Syllabi Creator Tool

The faculty member’s name MUST be attached to the class for the class to be displayed on the faculty member’s home page. If a faculty member's name is added to a class today, it will display the next day on the web, as it is refreshed each night.

Other Helpful Information for Faculty

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