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Academic Management Manual

The Academic Management Manual is a comprehensive guide to policies, procedures and how-to manuals for Academic Affairs. Each of the links below will download a PDF file with the section or page of the binder. A two-inch binder is recommended for the documents.

If the updated field indicates "yes", the information has been updated for the 2018-19 academic year. If "in progress" is indicated, the document has not been completed.

Additional Info:

- Request to Add Org Unit Form for use in the Instructor Resource Management system.

View prior editions of the Instructional Credentialing Criteria.

Quick Guides to PantherNet commands & Academic Reports, documents and links.


Academic Management Manual links 
Academic Management Manual Updated 2018?
Front Cover Yes
Spine Cover Insert Yes
Inside Cover Yes
Section Guide Page Yes
Section A - Introduction Yes
Section B - Instructional Credentialing Criteria Yes
Section C - Class Scheduling Manual Yes
Section D - Class Scheduling Policies Yes
Section E - Instructor Resource Management No
Section F - PantherNet/Internal Reports & Data Yes
Section G - Academic Affairs Policies & Procedures Yes
Section H - Academic Affairs Calendar Yes
Section I - Prior Learning Assessment Yes
Section J - International Courses Yes
Section K - Program Review Yes
Section L - Learning Outcomes, Mapping, and Assessment  Yes
Section M - Honors College Policies No
Section N - E-Learning Policies & Procedures Yes
Section O - Faculty Development Course Yes



What's New and Updated for 2018-19

Section B - Updated and added new credentialing criteria

Section C- Updated special designators

Section D - Updated notes for e-Learning classes, added GB grade book feature

Section E - Updated pay method table for 2017-18

Section F - Added new procedures for web reports, new interactive reports

Section G - Several new policies added

Section H - Updated Calendar of Events for 2018-19

Section I - Updated prior learning categories

Section L - Learning Outcomes - assessment guidelines and procedures.

Section N -  Updated certification guidelines and rubric. 

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