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Academic Management Manual


The Academic Management Manual is a comprehensive guide to policies, procedures and how-to manuals for Academic Affairs. Each of the links below will download a PDF file with the section or page of the binder. A two-inch binder is recommended for the documents.

If the updated field indicates "yes", the information has been updated for the 2020-2021 academic year. If "No" is indicated, the document is still in progress.

Academic Management Manual links 
Academic Management Manual Uploaded 2020? What's New?
Front Cover Yes  
Spine Cover Insert Yes  
Inside Cover Yes Updated Board of Trustees information; New Student Trustee
Section Guide Page No  
Section A - Introduction Yes  
Section B - Instructional Credentialing Criteria                                                           Yes Updated and added new credentialing criteria; New De-credentialing Recommendation form; Index
Section C - Class Scheduling Manual Yes Covid19 Response to Class Scheduling; Updated Course Special Designators
Section D - Class Scheduling Policies Yes  
Section E - Instructor Resource Management Yes Updated pay method table for 2020-2021; Department contact for Special Situations
Section F - PantherNet/Internal Reports & Data                                                                         Yes  
Section G - Academic Affairs Policies & Procedures Yes Added and updated Policies & Procedures; State Statutes; Instructional Overloads, and form; Recommended Class Size; Class Cancellation Process; Block Scheduling for 2021-2022
Section H - Academic Affairs Calendar Yes Updated Calendar of Events for 2020-2021 as of October 15, 2020
Section I - Prior Learning Assessment Yes  
Section J - International Courses Yes  
Section K - Program Review Yes  
Section L - Learning Outcomes, Mapping, and Assessment Yes Updated assessment guidelines and procedures
Section M - Honors College Policies Yes  
Section N - E-Learning Policies & Procedures Yes  
Section O - Faculty Development Course Yes  

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