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Textbook Certification Information

The Higher Education Act of 2008, by the federal government, contains several provisions regarding textbook affordability. In response to this act, the Florida Legislature enacted Section 1004.085, F.S. Textbook Affordability. In response to this statute, a Florida Administrative Code was developed. This Rule (6A-14.092) has certain requirements, as follows:

6A-14.092 Textbook Affordability.

Pursuant to Section 1004.085, F.S., institutions within the Florida College System through the Chief Academic Officer or designee(s) shall:

(1) Adopt textbooks and instructional materials no later than seventy-five (75) days prior to the first day of classes for 95% of sections. No later than seventy-five (75) days prior to the first day of classes, colleges shall share a list of adopted textbooks and instructional materials with bookstores to allow sufficient lead time to bookstores to work with publishers so as to confirm availability of the requested materials and to ensure maximum availability of used books. Where courses are added after this seventy-five (75) day deadline, textbooks for such courses shall be adopted as soon as is feasible to ensure sufficient lead time.

(2) Ensure that pursuant to Section 1004.085(6), F.S., for those classes added after the forty-five (45) day notification deadline, institutions shall post textbook information on their websites immediately as such information becomes available.

(3) Select textbooks and instructional materials through cost-benefit analyses that enable students to obtain the highest-quality product at the lowest available price, by considering, in addition to those items listed in Section 1004.085(7)(g), F.S.:

(a) The length of time that textbooks and instructional materials remain in use, prioritizing textbooks and instructional materials that will remain in use for a minimum of three (3) years.

(b) Coursewide adoption, specifically for high enrollment general education courses.

(4) Identify a process to ensure publishers provide a description of the content revisions made between the current edition and a proposed new edition of required textbook and instructional materials.

(5) The board of trustees of each Florida College System institution shall report by September 30 of each year to the Chancellor of the Florida College System, in a format determined by the Chancellor, the following:

(a) The textbook and instructional materials selection process for general education courses with a wide cost variance and high-enrollment courses; course sections with no cost shall not be included in the examination of cost variance between different sections of the same course.

(b) Specific initiatives of the institution designed to reduce the costs of textbooks and instructional materials;

(c) Policies implemented regarding the posting of textbook and instructional materials for at least 95% of all courses and course sections forty-five (45) days before the first day of class;

(d) The number of courses and course sections that were not able to meet the textbook and instructional materials posting deadline for the previous academic year.

Rulemaking Authority 1004.085(7) FS. Law Implemented 1004.085 FS. History–New 2-25-09, Amended 10-17-17.

The goal of this legislation is to reduce the cost of textbooks for students. The report mentioned above is also available online at Textbook Affordability Report. This report contains many good strategies for reducing the cost of textbooks and parts of it will be incorporated in the annual Faculty Handbook.  For excerpts from the report on reducing the cost of textbooks, review the Textbook Affordability section on this page.


Reporting Requirements for Faculty

To be in compliance with the statutes and rules, a committee of faculty and administrators designed a process and web form.

All faculty (full-time and adjunct) will be required to complete the on-line form which meets the requirements set forth in Section 3 of Florida Administrative Code 6A-14.092 (listed above). This form will allow faculty to attest that all items students are required to purchase are used in class (including all items in a "bundle") and the extent to which a new edition differs significantly and substantively from earlier versions.

This web form must be completed for each class that the faculty member/instructor teaches, once per year, as part of the textbook review and adoption process. As stated in Board Policy 6Hx-18-2.11, once textbooks are selected they must be used for at least three years. 


Need Help?

For help on completing the Online Form, please view: Textbook Certification Tutorial


1. What faculty and instructors need to do: Complete the online Textbook Certification web form for each course they teach.

2. How they accomplish this: By accessing the web form at:, and selecting the Faculty/Advisors link, and on the drop down menu, click on Textbook Certification.

3. When they need to do this: This task must be completed by the last day of spring term each academic year  for all classes an instructor is scheduled to teach the following academic year at Palm Beach State College. If additional classes are to be taught by the faculty member/instructor as the academic year progresses, faculty/instructors are required to enter these additional courses in the tool, as assigned.

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Roger Yohe.

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