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Adjunct Faculty Resource Center



Adjunct faculty are an integral part of our instructional community and help provide pathways to student success. As an adjunct at Palm Beach State College, you will touch, challenge and inspire your students.

Most importantly, you will help provide our students with an enriching academic experience that will prepare them for professional achievement and success. 

Getting acclimated to the process and procedures can take time. We recognize the importance of giving you the support needed to make your teaching engagement a rewarding and enjoyable experience. To help with this process, we have provided resources to guide you through some key essentials that can be useful during the semester.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the College and its facilitiesAbout PBSCCampus Location



Welcome to Palm Beach State College


Your Online Onboarding/Orientation

We made our onboarding process online for the professionals who can't physically attend due to their full-time job schedule.


Onboarding Powerpoint Presentation



Adjuncts are hired by individual departments. As with all hiring processes, the Adjunct hiring process requires that you complete an online application through the College’s “Workday” system.

Note: Workday uses Chrome as it's preferred browser.

Before one can be considered as an applicant for hire, one must:

  • Submit an application on the Human Resources Career site.
  • You must create an account before applying for positions.
  • Once an account has been created, then you may view/manage your information as a returning user.
  • Please be sure to include all required documents in the attachment box at the bottom of the "My Experience" page of the application before continuing through the application process.


  • Have official transcripts on file (sent directly from the institution to the Human Resources Office)
  • Provide transcripts that verify graduation from a SACSCOC-approved or CHEA-recognized institution, with 18 hours in the discipline of your teaching choice or meet minimum qualifications in the job posting for the discipline you are applying for.
  • The hiring department will contact prospective candidate to interview.
  • Be credentialed through the hiring department, according to SACSCOC requirements, to teach a specific course within the discipline
  • Submit copies of appropriate licenses or certificates (when applicable).

Adjuncts who are adding additional assignments/new job must follow this process.

For current PBSC employees, please follow these steps to view and apply for an open position in Workday: 

Note: Workday uses Chrome as it's preferred browser.

  • Log into Workday with your network login and password.
  • Type “Find Jobs” in Search Bar and click on "Find Jobs." 
  • The Internal Career Site will reflect current open positions for your review/application.

Before Classes Begin



The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) is a faculty-led, physical and virtual initiative supporting collaboration in discovering, sharing, and creating innovative practice to advance all students' success while empowering faculty to achieve their teaching goals.

P.I.E. Resources

The Pillars of Instructional Excellence (P.I.E.) are outcomes for all PBSC faculty. Their purpose is to guide faculty development. Faculty can find resources for each pillar below.

Manage Pillar

Employ methods and manage resources that create a positive learning environment to effectively promote opportunities for student success.

Assess pillar

Create and employ a variety of effective lessons and assessments that accurately measure and promote student learning and continuous improvement. 

Know pillar

Update/redesign courses, assessments, and individual learning opportunities that are relevant to this knowledge.


Engage pillar

Apply contemporary, evidence-based teaching practices that maximize student learning. 

Include pillar

Demonstrate intercultural competence that embodies respect and empathy, using knowledge and skills to utilize teaching strategies to create an atmosphere of equity and inclusion that maximizes learning.

Thrive pillar

Embody positive mental, emotional, physical, and interpersonal lives in their work and in the culture of the College by employing strategies to promote well-being for themselves and others. 




As part of Palm Beach State College's efforts to improve student learning, an online adjunct faculty development course has been developed. This web page provides all the information needed about this course, including who is required to participate, information on registration and completion of the course, and compensation for participants required to participate. 



Academic Affairs

Dr. Roger Yohe
Vice President Academic Affairs


Student Services

Dr. Peter Barbatis
VP Student Services, Enrollment Management and Interim Provost


Enrollment Management

Helen Shub
Assistant Dean, Enrollment Management


Adjunct Web Content

Sheila Scott-Lubin
Associate Dean



Velmarie Albertini
Dean of Curriculum


College Catalog & Career Pathways Maps

Peter Biegel
Jennifer Hudson
Christi White


Arts | Communication | Design | Humanities

We inspire through the principles of the Arts, Humanities, Communication & Design in our community. We are the musicians, artists, communicators, creatives, actors, designers, videographers, interior designers, animators, journalists and philosophers.



We innovate and take charge through the principles of Business in our community. We are the administrators, accountants, marketers, supply chain supervisors, start-up business owners, paralegals,hospitality event planners, insurance agents and real estate associates. 


Education | Social & Behavioral Science | Human Service

We inspire through the principles of Education, Human Services and Social & Behavioral Science in our community. We are the teachers, social workers, psychologists, youth counselors, addiction specialistsand researchers


Health Sciences

We serve our community through the principles and best practices of the Health Sciences. We are the nurses, dental hygienists, surgical technologists, nutritionists, pharmacists, sonographers, health information technicians, radiographers, respiratory therapists, medical assistants and ophthalmic medical technologists.


Industry | Manufacturing | Construction | Transportation

We produce, build, enhance and serve our community through the values and best practices of Industry, Manufacturing, Construction and Transportation. We are the engineering technologists, welders, machinists, power plant technicians, landscapers, air conditioning specialists, automotive, diesel and marine service technicians, electricians and low voltage technicians as well as the cosmetologists, facial specialists, massage therapists, nail technicians and barbers.


Public Safety

We inspire through the principles of Public Safety in our community. We are the law enforcement officers, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, firefighters, crime scene investigators, corrections officers and public safety dispatchers


Science | Technology | Engineering | Math

We inspire through the principles of Public Safety in our community. We are the law enforcement officers, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, firefighters, crime scene investigators, corrections officers and public safety dispatchers

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