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Student Contact Request (SCORE)

Palm Beach State College is committed to providing opportunities for all students to succeed. In an effort to enhance the support network at the college and ensure that students take full advantage of the academic resources available, the college has created the Student Contact Request System, (SCORE). 

At the heart of the SCORE system is a desire to assist the student with reaching their goal of scholastic success and Palm Beach State College graduation. The SCORE system is an academic intervention tool designed to bridge the gap between the student and the variety of resources and options available to them at Palm Beach State College.

Who participates in SCORE?

SCORE is a partnership between faculty, Student Services professionals, and the student. Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility to respond to the SCORE contact.

How did I get identified for SCORE?

Your instructor has noticed that you may need additional support to be successful in your class. The problem may be attendance, test scores, not turning in homework, language difficulties, or any number of possibilities.

What do I do if I am contacted by SCORE?

If you are contacted by SCORE, you will need to make an appointment with the designated SCORE Success Coach/ Advisor on your campus. During your meeting with the SCORE Success Coach, they will discuss your academic difficulties and help you find a manageable solution.

How do I make an appointment with a SCORE Success Coach?

The information needed to make an appointment will be included in the email sent to you when your professor activates the SCORE system.

SCORE Resources For Faculty

Thank you for choosing to incorporate SCORE into your already diversified student success repertoire. The sole purpose of this web page is to serve as a faculty, instructor, and staff resource for SCORE.

Once known as Early Alert, the Student COntact REquest (SCORE) system strives to serve as a supplemental academic intervention tool for faculty and instructors focusing on students at risk of failing or dropping out due a lack of utilization of college-wide supportive assistance services. An electronic student referral system, SCORE ensures access to Advising and other free student resources such as referrals to peer mentoring services and the Student Learning Center. SCORE facilitates connecting the identified student with the resource, paperwork, or personnel in order to increase student retention and promote academic longevity.

Because this is a new system, before the SCORE button is activated on your roster, please watch the SCORE Training video and take the short 10 question Certification Test. Once the test is answered correctly, the SCORE button (if within the SCORE referral time period) will be activated and you may refer students as needed. Questions? Email them to:


SCORE Training Video
This short training video takes you step by step through the SCORE referral system, demonstrating the how, when, where, and why of SCORE. Make sure to listen closely because the 10 question Certification Test is based on information discussed in this training vignette.


SCORE Manual
This reference guide provides an in-depth instructional manual which discusses the evolution of SCORE, its appropriate and inappropriate usage, and more student-faculty scenarios of classroom situations in which you may find yourself this semester. It also contains information on the College-wide Counseling Center and the proper procedure for classroom management and behavioral referrals.

SCORE Certification Test Directions

 To ensure optimal and appropriate utilization of this system, the Certification Test will range from simple definition matching to more complicated practice scenarios in which SCORE should or should not be sent. If you don’t get all the answers right the first time, please review the Training video again or read the SCORE Training Manual which goes into much more detail about the mechanics and philosophy of this system.

SCORE Certification Test Directions

Congratulations! You're almost there! Now that you've watched the SCORE Training Video and read the SCORE Manual, you're ready to take the next step in getting certified to activate the SCORE system.

Please follow these steps to take the SCORE Certification Test. These directions should only be followed after the SCORE referral period has begun.

  1. Log onto EmployeeWeb

  2. Look to the left side of your EmployeeWeb homepage

  3. Under Quick Links, there will be a Survey icon that looks like this:

  4. Next to the SCORE icon will read "Surveys (1)"
  5. Click on this hyperlink.

    Another way to go to the SCORE Certification Test is by clicking the words "or here" from the text written on top of your Employee Web page in red.

  6. Now your SCORE Certification Test will begin. It is a series of ten multiple choice questions based on what you've learned in the SCORE Training Video and the SCORE Manual.

  7. Answer the questions to the best of your ability.

  8. If you've answered all ten questions correctly, the SCORE system will automatically be activated on your roster if the SCORE referral period is open.

  9. If you have not answered all ten questions correctly, read the reasons given at the conclusion of the test explaining which answers were incorrect and why.

  10. Review the SCORE Training Video again and/or read the SCORE Manual.

  11. Take the test again and submit your answers for the certification test results.

  12. If you do not pass this test again, please contact your SCORE Advisor on your home campus.

  13. You can attempt the SCORE Certification Test as many times as desired, but you only need to pass it once in order for the SCORE system to be permanently activated.

Thank you for taking the SCORE Certification Test. We look forward to fortifying this collaboration towards success for all students.

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