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Academic Progress Policy

The College requires each student to maintain reasonable academic progress. Any student not maintaining the minimum cumulative grade point average as specified in the Standards of Academic Progress (SOAP) policy will be placed on academic probation and could be either suspended or dismissed from the College.


Good Academic Status

Students who are not on academic probation or dismissal from the college are considered in good academic status.



Students in credit programs must maintain a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of:

  • 1.4 or better for 1-14 semester hours attempted
  • 1.6 or better for 15-27 semester hours attempted
  • 1.8 or better for 28-45 semester hours attempted
  • 2.0 or better for over 45 semester hours attempted

Note:  The college administration will continually assess the impact of the academic progression policy and make adjustments as necessary to the academic probation grade point average table above. It is anticipated that the cumulative grade point average to remain in good academic standing will increase in the future. Therefore, it is imperative that students meet with an academic advisor on a regular basis to discuss academic success issues, support services and carefully plan their academic program.


Academic Probation

Probation will be continued as long as the student fails to achieve the standard cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for the number of hours attempted (see table above). Probation will be calculated at the end of each term. Transfer students whose CGPA does not meet the standard for good academic status will enroll on academic probation. Any student on academic probation will be limited in course load to a maximum of 12 semester hours during the fall, spring and summer terms.

Students on academic probation are required to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for subsequent terms. Academic advisors are authorized to limit the number of hours and types of courses taken by students on academic probation. Academic probation is noted on the student's permanent record.


Academic Suspension

Academic suspension is the first involuntary separation. Academic suspension results from a student's failure, while on academic probation, to regain good academic standing or achieve a minimum 2.0 term grade point average (GPA). Suspension requires the student to stay out of school for one semester to reflect on their academic goals and level of commitment to education. Academic suspension is noted on the student's permanent record. Students readmitted after an academic suspension will be on academic probation and must meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for classes.


Academic Dismissal

Academic dismissal is a subsequent involuntary separation imposed upon a student who, having been previously suspended from the college and readmitted, fails to regain good academic status or achieve a minimum 2.0 term grade point average (GPA). After one calendar year, students on academic dismissal are eligible to appeal for readmission to the College Admissions Appeals Committee. Academic dismissal is noted on the student's permanent record. An appeal for readmission is not automatic and the decision of the committee is final.

Note:  Students on academic suspension or dismissal are eligible to enroll in PSAV or avocational courses.


Financial Aid Student Note:  Students receiving Financial Aid are also affected by a separate "Standard of Academic Progress for Financial Aid Students Policy" which is listed in the Student Handbook.

Preparatory Course Note:  Preparatory courses will not be calculated in students' cumulative grade point average (CGPA), but will be used in calculations for term grade point average (GPA).

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