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Early Alert

Student Early Alert

Palm Beach State College is committed to providing opportunities for all students to succeed. Early Alert is commonly used by numerous colleges and universities across the country to support student success and completion.

At the heart of the Early Alert system is a desire to support the student with successful completion of their academic goal. The Early Alert system is an academic intervention tool designed to bridge the gap between the student and the resources.


Early Alert Resources For Faculty

Thank you for choosing to incorporate Early Alert into your already diversified student success repertoire. The Early Alert system is a supplemental academic intervention tool for faculty and staff focusing on students at risk of failing or dropping out due a lack of utilization of college-wide supportive assistance services. Early Alert ensures access to Academic Advising and other free student resources such as referrals to the Student Learning Center (SLC), The Center of Student Accessibility, counseling center, panthers pantry, and much more. Early Alert facilitates connecting the identified student with the resources to increase student retention and completion.


Early Alert Training Manual
This training manual provides an in-depth instructional information for the Early Alert process,  its appropriate and inappropriate usage, note-recording best practices, and instructions on how to complete the Early Alert training and certification. It also contains information on the Early Alert response protocol and process.


Early Alert Training Video -  (Watch and complete training video)  
BROWSERS: Please Use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Do NOT use Mozilla Firefox.

Watch this video to receive your training certification of completion. This short training video takes you step by step through the Early Alert referral system, and demonstrating the how, when, where, and why to use Early Alert. 

Thank you for completing the Early Alert training. We look forward to fortifying this collaboration towards success for all students.


Additional Starfish Training

For step-by-step guides and tutorials on how to use Starfish features, refer to the  Starfish Training, Resources and Job Aid for Starfish (College log in).

Faculty and staff who have Starfish questions can also contact Starfish support at for additional help. 


How do faculty access Starfish?

All faculty currently teaching a course get automatic access to starfish.

To access Starfish, please log into our new Employee Portal, and click Starfish under Quick Links

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