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New Student Orientation

Are you a newly admitted, first time in college degree-seeking student? If so, you'll need to complete the mandatory orientation requirement before being allowed to register for classes. This page will provide you with instructions to follow to complete this requirement.

The orientation requirement has two components: the Online Orientation followed by the on-campus New Student Orientation.

The Online Orientation will introduce you to the College's programs, resources, and policies. Once you complete the online component and either have placement test scores on file or are exempt from testing, you'll be able to sign up for an on-campus Educational Planning Workshop.

Your First Step is Completing the Online Orientation

  1. Log on to our student portal, PantherWeb, using your College Student ID number and Password.

  2. Under "QUICK LINKS", click on 'Online Orientation/Educational Planning'.

  3. Click on the "Step 1" button to watch the Online Orientation. Watch all 6 sections of this presentation (Academics, Support Services, Policies and Procedures, Student Life, Campus Safety and Student Conduct, and Next Steps). As each section is completed, a check mark will appear next to that topic on the Main Menu. Verify that you've completed all six topics before moving on to Step 2.

  4. Once you've watched the Online Orientation, log back into PantherWeb, and under "QUICK LINKS" click on 'Online Orientation/Educational Planning'. Click on the 'Step 2' button, indicating you are ready to sign-up for your on-campus Educational Planning Workshop.

  5. Click on Step 3 (Select/Change Educational Planning Workshop).

  6. On this new registration screen, Select 'Campus' and 'Term' and then click 'Search Now' to see the times and dates of available workshops.

  7. Select an Educational Planning Workshop by clicking on 'Add to Cart'.  Click on the 'Register Now' button to register for selected workshop.

  8. Click on 'View/Print Schedule and Fees' for your confirmation.  Be sure to PRINT your schedule as confirmation.


Helpful Tips

  • Note the TIME AND DATE of the workshop and ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY 
  • Bring your STUDENT ID AND PASSWORD with you so you will be able to SIGN IN to the Student Portal, PANTHERWEB
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