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Gallery Sponsorships

The Gallery at Lake Worth Campus features a variety of exhibitions each year including fine art, Annual National Painting, Drawing and Printmaking Competition, graphic design, and new and emerging artists works. Palm Beach State is proud to see the community and artists embracing our programming through attendance and exhibition request submissions. The Gallery is quickly becoming a treasure to all and an active resource for cultural exposure.

Thank you for helping us be the gallery for all ages! The generous support of many friends and benefactors allows the Gallery to continue its tradition of offering lifelong learning through the visual arts to an increasing number of visitors each year. There are many ways to make a tax-deductible donation to the Gallery, and a variety of areas to which you may consider directing your gift.

A Gallery Sponsorship affords us:

  1. To continue to earn the respect and support of the local, community and national corporations and make a positive impact on Palm Beach County’s quality of life

  2. To stretch your sponsorship dollars with a state matching of 60% for each gift

  3. To provide top quality service at all times

  4. To ensure the fun, excitement, and excellence of every sponsored program, exhibit and event

Contact  Palm Beach State Foundation for more information at 561-868-3450.

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