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Athletic Directory

Name Title Phone Number Email
Tom Seitz Athletic Director 561-868-3004
Taylor Wright Athletic Specialist 561-868-3006
Kyle Forbes Baseball Head Coach 561-868-3007
Jason Shone Baseball Assistant Coach 561-868-3007
Chris Fahey Baseball Assistant Coach 561-868-3007
Martin McCann Men's Basketball Head Coach 561-868-3009
Cody Cohen Men's Basketball Assistant Coach 561-868-3009
Maureen Smith Women's Basketball Head Coach 561-868-3008
Mike Yousefian Women's Basketball Assistant Coach 561-868-3008
Hudson McCall Softball Head Coach 561-868-3002
Heather Horning Softball Assistant Coach 561-868-3002
Christine Stephens Softball Assistant Coach 561-868-3002
Timothy "Drew" Colvin Volleyball Head Coach 561-868-3010
Amanda King Volleyball Assistant Coach 561-868-3010
Marc F. Matarazzo, MD
Armando Rodriquez Athletic Trainer

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