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Food Service Transition

Sodexo America, LLC joins PBSC 

Boca Raton, Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach State College (PBSC) received Board of Trustees Approval to contract with Sodexo America, LLC to be our food service provider at Boca Raton, Lake Worth, and Palm Beach Gardens campuses.  

This selection was the result of a competitive solicitation process. 

College Café’s last day providing service on campus will be Saturday, April 27.


The cafeteria will be closed from April 29 - June 30.

The bookstore will carry a selection of sandwiches, wraps and salads from Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

(In front of Admin Building)

food truck schedule
Dates Day Vendor
5/20/19 Monday Chick-Fil-A
5/21/19 Tuesday Best French Fries (BFF)
5/22/19 Wednesday PS561
5/23/19 Thursday PS561
5/28/19 Tuesday Roadside Eats
5/29/19 Wednesday OliveOnion
5/30/19 Thursday Chick-Fil-A
6/3/19 Monday Hawaiian Robbin
6/4/19 Tuesday Pig Sty BBQ
6/5/19 Wednesday Tacos Al Carbon
6/6/19 Thursday OliveOnion
6/10/19 Monday PS561
6/11/19 Tuesday Pig Sty BBQ
6/12/19 Wednesday Best French Fries (BFF)
6/13/19 Thursday Hawaiian Robbin
6/17/19 Monday OliveOnion
6/18/19 Tuesday Best French Fries (BFF)
6/19/19 Wednesday Chick-Fil-A
6/20/19 Thursday Hawaiian Robbin
6/24/19 Monday Tacos Al Carbon
6/25/19 Tuesday Pig Sty BBQ
6/26/19 Wednesday Chick-Fil-A
6/27/19 Thursday OliveOnion


The cafeteria and ALL kiosks in ETA and TC are closed from April 29 - August 21.

Dunkin' Donuts will remain open. The bookstore will carry a selection of sandwiches, wraps and salads from Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

 (Location 1 - MLK Plaza; Location 2 - CBP)

food truck schedule
Dates Day Vendor 1 Vendor 2
5/20/19 Monday Crazylicious Roadside Eats
5/21/19 Tuesday PS561 Churrasco Grill
5/22/19 Wednesday Roadside Eats Crazylicious
5/23/19 Thursday Best French Fries (BFF) OliveOnion
5/28/19 Tuesday OliveOnion PS561
5/29/19 Wednesday Roadside Eats Tacos Al Carbon
5/30/19 Thursday Crazylicious Best French Fries (BFF)
6/3/19 Monday OliveOnion Crazylicious
6/4/19 Tuesday PS561 Hawaiian Robbin
6/5/19 Wednesday Chick-Fil-A Roadside Eats
6/6/19 Thursday Best French Fries (BFF) Pig Sty BBQ
6/10/19 Monday Tacos Al Carbon Crazylicious
6/11/19 Tuesday Crazylicious Roadside Eats
6/12/19 Wednesday Pig Sty BBQ Chick-Fil-A
6/13/19 Thursday Churrasco Grill Best French Fries (BFF)
6/17/19 Monday Crazylicious PS 561
6/18/19 Tuesday Roadside Eats PS561
6/19/19 Wednesday OliveOnion Hawaiian Robbin
6/20/19 Thursday Churrasco Grill Tacos Al Carbon
6/24/19 Monday Roadside Eats Pig Sty BBQ
6/25/19 Tuesday Tacos Al Carbon OliveOnion
6/26/19 Wednesday Pig Sty BBQ Churrasco Grill
6/27/19 Thursday Hawaiian Robbin Best French Fries (BFF)


The cafeteria will be closed from April 29 - June 30.

Dunkin' Donuts will remain open. The bookstore will carry a selection of sandwiches, wraps and salads from Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

 (Overflow Parking, Lewis Building)

food truck schedule
Date Day Vendor
5/20/19 Monday Best French Fries (BFF)
5/21/19 Tuesday Crazylicious
5/22/19 Wednesday OliveOnion
5/23/19 Thursday Crazylicious
5/28/19 Tuesday Crazylicious
5/29/19 Wednesday Crazylicious
5/30/19 Thursday OliveOnion
6/3/19 Monday Chick-Fil-A
6/4/19 Tuesday Best French Fries (BFF)
6/5/19 Wednesday OliveOnion
6/6/19 Thursday Crazylicious
6/10/10 Monday Chick-Fil-A
6/11/19 Tuesday PS561
6/12/19 Wednesday Churrasco Grill
6/13/19 Thursday Tacos Al Carbon
6/17/19 Monday Churrasco Grill
6/18/19 Tuesday Crazylicious
6/19/19 Wednesday PS561
6/20/19 Thursday Best French Fries (BFF)
6/24/19 Monday Churrasco Grill
6/25/19 Tuesday PS561
6/26/19 Wednesday Tacos Al Carbon
6/27/19 Thursday Crazylicious


Departments with catering needs during the closed periods are asked to utilize the external catering procedure or contact Jessica Bender for options. Any vendor providing catering services on campus will need prior approval from Auxiliary Services. Services should not be scheduled without prior consent. Events requiring catering through April 27 should continue to utilize College Cafe.

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