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Grubhub Corporate and Grubhub+

Palm Beach State College is pleased to announce that we have established a Grubhub Corporate Account for catering needs. In order to qualify for an account, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Enter a supplier contract in Workday using an appropriate cost center approved for hospitality expenses. Please use supplier SU3173.
  2. Contact Jessica Bender to obtain the appropriate documents that you will need to attach to the supplier contract.
  3. Make a note of the supplier contract number, you will need it for the next step.
  4. Once you have submitted your supplier contract, please go to this form to sign up for your Grubhub Corporate account. Please list anyone who is approved to purchase under this supplier contract when completing the form.

Personal Purchases

As part of our Grubhub Corporate account, individuals will have the opportunity to take advantage of Grubhub+ until March 1, 2022! Once your trial period, expires, you will need to cancel or you will be charged the applicable fee (currently $9.99/month) to continue the service. The Grub Hub + cannot be paid for with a Pcard, as it is not a college paid service.

Grubhub+ give you unlimited free delivery on orders of $12+ from Grubhub+ restaurants.  

To sign up for the Grubhub+ promotion:

  1. Complete this form and indicate that you are interested in the personal account. This is only available to current Palm Beach State College employees and students.
  2. Once your registration is approved, you will receive an email from Grubhub with the Subject Line: 'You get 3 months of Grubhub+!'
  3. Log into Grubhub on the web with your email address and click the sign up link in the email. Ensure the page you see has the correct 3 months free offer and /purchase in the URL.
  4. Enter your credit card information - you will not be charged a membership fee until after the 3 month trial period. You can cancel any time before the 3 month period ends to avoid being charged the $9.99/month. Please do not use your PCard for this, as this is not a college-paid service.
  5. Click Try 3 months free
  6. Order your favorite foods at Grubhub+ restaurants to receive benefits like free delivery

Will employees have to join individually or join as an office for Grubhub+?

At this time, each employee needs to join individually with a credit card to enjoy the benefits of Grubhub+.

Can employees use their line of credit to join Grubhub+?

In order to join Grubhub+, employees must enter a personal credit card. However, once signed up, employees can use Grubhub+ with their line of credit. They will not be charged a membership fee until after the 3 moth period. They can cancel any time before the 3 month period ends to avoid being charged.

Why is the delivery fee being shown at checkout?

The order confirmation will show that the delivery fee is $0.00 and that a promo code has been applied that credits the amount of the delivery fee.

How can employees donate their change to the Grubhub Community Relief Fund?

When using any non line of credit payment form, like a credit card, and placing a Grubhub+ order, opt in to Donate the Change at checkout and Grubhub will match the donation. This is currently unavailable when paying with a line of credit.

How do I know which restaurants accept Grubhub+?

Use the GH+ filer or look for the yellow GH+ flag to order from an eligible restaurant. (Orders over $12 from restaurants with a GH+ flag are eligible for unlimited free delivery.)

Can I use my pcard for the Grubhub+ membership fee?

Pcards cannot be used for membership fees.


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