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Student Trustee, 2015-16: Jesse Pulliam


The Defining Factor of Success: Resources vs. Resourcefulness

October 23, 2015

In what is the most viewed TED talk of all time, Anthony Robbins argues that the defining factor of success is not resources, its resourcefulness. Robbins wonders: Why do people fail to achieve things? The common answers: didn’t have the time, didn’t have the money, and didn’t have the knowledge. He goes on to argue success isn’t about what you don’t have it’s about what you do have, and furthermore it’s about how you use those resources.

As students of Palm Beach State College, we are lucky to have an amazing academic support system. Tutoring for almost any subject, accessible professors, and lots of places to get engaged on campus. I challenge you to ask yourself, “Am I taking advantage of all the resources that will help me succeed?” Determine your needs, find your resources below and do what it takes to be successful!

There is a Student Learning Center on every campus, geared toward helping you be successful in your classes. The centers offer a variety of options to meet the academic support needs of individual students, including: Personal and group tutoring, study areas, seminars on special topics, organized study sessions and much more!

Office Hours
That’s right! Your professor’s office hours can be one of the most useful resources in helping you succeed in your class. Have a question on the upcoming test? Want to know how you should be studying? Your professor is the perfect person to ask! All office hours are posted on syllabi, and of course don’t be afraid to ask in class when office hours are!

First Year Experience
First Year Experience is your home for information, programs, services and resources for first-year students.  They will help to orient you to Palm Beach State College and guide you as you make the adjustment to your new environment.   They offer amazing services such as the Peer Navigator Program, which matches you with a Peer Mentor. Check it out!

TRiO Student Support
TRiO helps low-income and first-generation college students and individuals with disabilities graduate from college. Services include assistance with securing financial aid; personal, academic and career counseling; academic instruction; assistance with transition to four-year programs from two-year institutions; and assistance with applying to graduate and professional programs.

The Palm Beach State Foundation
Interested in scholarships? Check out the Palm Beach State College Foundation, which supports students through scholarships. Scholarships are provided to students through donations from generous individuals, organizations and foundation within our community. Be sure to check it out this link if you’re interested!

Honors College
Looking for a greater challenge in your classes? How does more creative and comprehensive coursework sound for you? The Honors College might be for you! The purpose of the Honors College is to provide a challenging and supportive academic environment in which students are encouraged to think critically, demonstrate leadership, and develop ethical standards.

Clubs and Organizations
Student Government, Engineering Club and Black Student Union are only three examples of the dozens of clubs offered at PBSC. Student activities are a great way to surround yourself with those with similar interests and aspirations.

Palm Beach State College Is Here For You

September 21, 2015

Welcome students! It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you back to a fresh and exciting semester. My name is Jesse Pulliam, I am a student on the Palm Beach Gardens campus and I am your student trustee. So what does that mean?

The District Board of Trustees is the governing committee of this institution, which along with our President, operates the College. Each month, the Board meets to discuss, among other things, the academic direction, policy and budget of the College. I am your voice on this committee, tasked to represent the student body and perspective in the decisions made. It is because of our Board of Trustees that Palm Beach State remains one of the most affordable colleges in the state. I am proud to say that since the beginning of my term in July, the board has welcomed our school’s new President, moved to ask the state for more funding, and has progressed in opening a new campus in Loxahatchee Groves.

In my swift three months as a student representative, I’ve learned something seemingly obvious, which I did not fully grasp before beginning the position. The Board of Trustees, the administration, staff and faculty are all here for you, the students. In fact, the College would not exist without your dedication and commitment to learning. It is for this reason, if you speak, someone will listen. Take advantage of this opportunity. Did you love your experience at the Student Learning Center, with the Honors College, or with your Peer Navigator? Tell someone. What about orientation or convocation? Got any advice? Speak up. What is it about the College that has helped you be most successful? Or has anything stood in your way? Please tell someone, a professor, an advisor or a dean. Your feedback has the potential to make this institution better for you and for those who come after you.

Of course, this voice comes with a certain responsibility. Credibility, scholarship and good grades will not be awarded, simply for being present. You must work hard in the things you do here at Palm Beach State. And when you do, you will realize the ability you possess to make a positive impact on this institution and in the lives of others. The College is here for you. Get engaged, take advantage of opportunities and look for ways you can make a difference in the classroom, on campus and in this community. I look forward to meeting everyone at all of this year’s school events! Good luck and have a great semester.

Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the college or the Board of Trustees.

Jesse Pulliam


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