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Ethics Awareness Month

March is Ethics Awareness Month

Ethics Awareness Month is an annual event during April in which organizations and businesses nationwide promote ethics awareness.  Ethics is a set of values that consistently guides our behaviors. Today our personal and professional worlds grow at a pace more rapid than our ability to cope and process the changes, so looking at how we make our decisions becomes crucial.

The Ethics Partnership Council of the Center for Applied Ethics invites all members and community leaders to join in learning more about the ethics movement in Palm Beach County and to strive for ethical actions in all aspects of their daily life.

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2017 PBSC Proclamation

Palm Beach State College Proclamation 2017

Charles Cross Jr., PBSC Board of Trustees Chairperson (center left) and President Ava L. Parker (right) present the PBSC  Ethics Awareness Month Proclamation 2017 to Kim Ardila-Morgan, PBSC Center for Applied Ethics Director (center right) and Trudy Crowetz, Vice Chair, CAE Ethics Partnership Council. (left)

Board County

PBC Board of County Commissioners

Joined by members of the PBC Commission on Ethics, Office of the Inspector General, and PBSC Center for Applied Ethics Partnership Council, Commissioner Mack Bernard presents the official proclamation for Palm Beach County Ethics Awareness Month 2017.

DBOT Photo

Ethics Awareness Month Forum 2016

Moderator Robin Kish with panelists Dave Aronberg, Mark Bannon, John Carey, and Kim Ardila-Morgan


Left to Right:  Robin Kish, Chair, CAE Ethics Partnership Council, John Carey, Inspector General, OIG, Kim Ardila-Morgan, Director, Center for Applied Ethics, Dave Aronberg, State Attorney, 15th Judicial Court, Mark Bannon, Executive Director, Commission on Ethics

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