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New World Order

Ethics and the New World Order:
Culture, Compliance, and the Bottom Line

Navigating the "new normal" can be challenging as technology, science, and globalism reshape our world at blinding speeds. Individuals, organizations, and communities face an expanding "gray area" of complex dilemmas to resolve, even as our understanding and laws lag behind. Join us as we frame the global and local impact of ethics on culture, compliance, and the bottom line!

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Ethics and Nonprofits:
Challenges, Effectiveness and Impact

As the awareness of importance of philanthropy increases, so do the ethical challenges facing the nonprofit sector including their donors. Perceptions and public ethical norms for nonprofits can potentially limit the effectiveness of an institution’s impact.

Join these national, regional and local leaders to explore the dynamic between corporations and nonprofits in partnerships, how overhead costs and marketing tactics drive impact, accountability, and research addressing giving and receiving donations.

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Ethics and NonProfits

 Ethics Awareness Month Forum:
The Latest Ethics Updates in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County celebrates Ethics Awareness Month with a public forum focusing on the progress and plans of the local ethics initiatives. The agenda included keynote remarks by State Attorney Dave Aronberg followed by a panel of speakers from the three agencies established by the Palm Beach County ethics reform movement: Mark Bannon, Executive Director to the PBC Commission on Ethics; John Carey, Inspector General of the Office of the Inspector General and Kim Ardila-Morgan, Director of the Center for Applied Ethics at Palm Beach State College. 

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Keynote Speaker



"Ethical Conduct in America -

A Contemporary Crisis"

Keynote Presentation at the 11th Annual Ethics Conference

MERRETT R. STIERHEIM shares insights, experiences and best practices for ethical leadership and organizations gleaned from his impressive career of over fifty years in public administration most notably  including former Manager, Miami Dade County; City of Miami; President & CEO Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau; and Superintendent, Miami Dade County Public Schools. He has served on the board of directors of more than 30 local, state and national organizations.

Stierheim was a National Public Service Award winner. The awards are presented jointly by The American Society for Public Administration and The National Academy of Public Administration to recognize outstanding practitioners who have spent most of their careers in public service.

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Ethics and the Conversation Project

The Conversation Project, co-founded by Pulitzer Prize winner Ellen Goodman, is The Conversation Project, co-founded by Pulitzer Prize winner Ellen Goodman, is a public engagement campaign with a goal to make sure that every person’s wishes for end-of-life care are expressed and respected. There is caring combined with conscience and wisdom to be found in each other – linking action and reflection to deal with complex decisions. The power of legacy enables us to live fully in the present. Legacy means remembering our priorities and making life choices based on them.

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Ethics and the Media:
Navigating the News in the New Normal

Join award winning journalist Al Tompkins for an engaging, interactive session exploring the changes, challenges and choices of a media revolution that is transforming the foundations of traditional journalism and its ethics. Learn four key questions that will help you "think critically" about the information you consume from any source. Keynote speaker sponsored by The Center for Applied Ethics.

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A Profile in Moral Courage: Ethics in Action

As a young probation officer in Alabama, Denny Abbott became concerned about the conditions for black children at a segregated state juvenile institution. He fought the state to champion reforms for ending the beatings and sexual abuse at a facility that was supposed to protect and educate them. As a result, he placed his family and career in peril, became a pariah in his home town, and was threatened by the Ku Klux Klan. His ultimate triumph on behalf of these children led to major reforms and a new calling as a nationally recognized children's advocate. Join us to hear the inspiring account of one person's moral dilemma, the defining values of his courageous decision, and how he chose to respond.

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Ethics and the Transformation of Healthcare in America

We are delighted to have you join us for a compelling and thought-provoking experience as Dr. Otis Brawley delivers a candid look at the contemporary health scene, how medicine is really practiced in this country and his prescription for the policies, providers and patients of our healthcare system.

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Ethics and the Stewardship of Public Trust:
Matching the "Walk with The Talk"

From his nearly 33 years in the federal government as a U.S. intelligence officer, including various high level positions in the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Council, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Defense Intelligence Agency, Mr. Shedd will discuss his philosophy that ethics in government emerge from the need to constantly be mindful that any form of service is a call to action greater than oneself and built around a strong sense of stewardship of resources - personnel, funds, and time management. He will also share situations from his extensive experience of gaps in ethics between "the walk and the talk" and a well-calibrated moral compass that rises above even legislated or policy standards for ethical behavior.

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Ethics and Youth Sports: Changing the Game for Good

The Center for Applied Ethics is proud to present the “Ethics and Youth Sports: Changing the Game for Good”, a forum featuring Fred Engh, founder of the National Alliance for Youth Sports. Mr. Engh’s remarks will focus on an in-depth look at the challenges occurring in youth sports today and the role everyone involved must play in redirecting them to successfully shape not only the bodies, but also the minds and character of our future leaders and members of society.

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Ethics, Excellence, and Teamwork:
Nursing in the New Normal
Nursing Students Assoc. Day 2016

Teamwork in the field of nursing is fundamental to achieving positive outcomes and increasing effectiveness. Moreover, overall patient care is enhanced. NSA Day Keynote speaker, Dr. Otis Brawley, American Cancer Society Chief Medical Officer, discusses the history of medicine, changes in the healthcare industry, and the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Keynote speaker sponsored by The Center for Applied Ethics.

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