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Career Courses 2018 - 2019

 SLS1300 - Career Self-Assessment (1 Credit)

Learn about career interests, values, skills, personality and academic strengths. Identify occupations that are congruent with one's personal needs. 

 SLS1301 - Career Development (3 Credits)

This course provides guidance to students through the career development process. Students will assess their interests, values, skills, personality traits, and academic strengths and connect these to occupations and college majors. Occupations congruent with student needs will be identified and resources for career information research will be explored. Communication and networking skills, job-search strategies, resume writing and interviewing will be covered.


 SLS1302 - Career Information & Decision Making (1 Credit)

This course provides research selected occupations and college majors and develops a career and educational plan in a small group and independent study format. Use Career Center and community resources for research purposes and learn effective decision-making techniques. This course is for the student who has completed SLS1300 or has three or four occupations in mind to research in detail.

 SLS1303 - Job Search (1 Credit)

Learn the aspects of a complete job search campaign including: resume/cover letter writing, networking, professional etiquette and telephone skills, interviewing, dressing for success and the use of technology in the job search.

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